How not to Dump Your RV Holding Tanks the First Time

by Pete

How not to Dump Your RV Holding Tanks the First Time

How not to Dump Your RV Holding Tanks the First Time

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I'm the proud new owner of a 1990 Ford campervan--an Intervec Falcon conversion. This is my first RV, so I've read and studied all the ins and outs of all things RV, especially dumping.

The previous owner told me he dumped the black water a couple of days before, but the sensors on both the black and gray water did not work. The propane and regular water tank sensors work, however. I trusted him, but I just wanted to make sure. After watching a few more videos and reading more articles, I convinced my wife to go with me to the dump station--for moral support, big burly guy that I am. I added water to both the black and gray water tanks; one by hose the other by running out the rest of the fresh water, my hope being that driving around a little bit would loosen up whatever muck is on the sensors (it didn't.)

I pulled up to the dump station, every step rehearsed in my head. Gloves, water hose, slinky, and a plan were at hand. Now, the outlets to the two tanks are completely separate on this van--no rinsing out the black tank with gray at the push and pull of a lever--you have to do one and then the other as separate operations. Additionally, the valves are not easy to get to, especially the black water tank, as it sits underneath the running boards which are already pretty low to the ground.

Everything was hooked up and ready to go. Down on my hands and knees, head under the running board to make sure everything was right. Hand on handle, I pulled my head up (I'm not THAT stupid) and gave the T-handle a little tug. It opened part way, I heard fluid running--and with that pulled it the rest of the way. Immediately the slinky hose, attached to the fitting with a hose clamp, slid off the fitting and a torrent of water gushed forth. I am fortunate the previous owner had not lied--the water springing forth was...relatively...clean. I immediately dropped down and closed the valve, and then popped up to see how many people seen my misfortune. Luckily only my wife--who was laughing at me. Not with me....

After reattaching the hose and a good tightening of the hose clamp, the rest of the dump went as planned. Ironically the gray water tank smelled worse than the black. And my sensors still aren't working, but I won't make the mistake of checking that hose clamp each time. My second time to dump, which is coming up soon, might be done at night just to make sure I don't embarrass myself.

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