How Not To Watch Elk While RVing

by Dano

How Not To Watch Elk While RVing

How Not To Watch Elk While RVing

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We used to make a camp at our favorite spot in the mountains outside Showlow, AZ. During the summer months, it is a welcome relief to be at 7500 feet and in cool air.

One of the many perks of camping at Black Lake is the abundance of wildlife in the area, including several herds of elk. We regularly saw whitetail deer, mule deer, turkey, numerous bird species, and even the sign and tracks of black bear.

My morning routine was usually to get up right at daybreak and make "cowboy coffee" on the propane stove, sit by the big dinette window and the elk would be grazing in the meadow mere yards from our motorhome. I would later relay the beauty and wonderment of watching the herd to my "significant" other who usually slept in late. She expressed the desire to join me for "early coffee" and participate in the elk watching routine so the next morning I was sipping my coffee and watching the elk when she arose, stretched, and headed for the "water closet". The door on the privy is prone to catch a bit on occasion and this morning is no different, so she gives it a good yank, slamming it shut! Of course the sound carries outside and the elk are GONE!!

This repeats for two more days, just as I get settled and watching the herd graze, the slamming door results in fleeing elk!!! Of course my mate is disappointed and we have a conversation about the need for the door to be shut.... she, like most gals claim the need for no one to hear what is happening in the "lou"-- this is when I enlighten her to the fact that the "tinkle" sound is nothing new and the door is so thin you can hear anyway!!!!

Next morning the door was left "un-slammed" and we both enjoyed our coffee as the elk slowly grazed their way across the meadow and on to the other side of the valley.....

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