How to Clean Aluminum Blinds in RV

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How to Clean Aluminum Blinds in RV

How to Clean Aluminum Blinds in RV

Have mini motor home want take blinds out to clean them.

ANSWER: The actual cleaning of the blinds is pretty simple and straight forward. It is removing the blinds that can be a pain.

Before you even attempt to remove the blinds you should use a vacuum with a brush attachment and thoroughly vacuum the excess dust, etc. off of the blinds.

Now it is time to remove the blinds and depending on the manufacturer of the blinds this could be simple or a bit complicated. The first thing you need to do is raise the blinds completely to the up position. You then need to look at the upper brackets that hold the blinds there could be a couple of screws that hold the blinds to the bracket, or a couple of spring loaded clips that have to be popped open, etc.

In some cases if your RV has a decorative valance around the top of the blinds the valance will have to be removed to get the blinds out.

Now that you have the blinds out the cleaning is pretty simple, since they are aluminum you can use a clean microfiber cloth, warm water with some original liquid Dawn Dish Soap included (the Dawn will break up any accumulated gunk on the blinds) and simply clean one slat at a time. You then want to do each slat again using just some clean water to get off any remaining soap residue.

Some people also go the extreme of rubbing each slat with an anti-static dryer sheet when they are dry as they say it will prevent the blinds from attracting dust. We have not tried this so I cannot tell you if it works or not.

microfiber duster

Now reinstall the blinds and get yourself one of those handy-dandy microfiber duster (pictured above) that will help in keeping the blinds clean.

Just in case you want to try cleaning your blinds without removing them, you can take a look at the video below to get an idea on how to do it.

I hope this helped.

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residues make more work
by: Anonymous

Dryer sheets usually contain a combination of oils, waxes and fatty acids along with a boat-load of surfactants to reduce the static but these residues also are like fly paper to particulates like lint, dust and fine grit.

The next cleaning may be a lot harder and if not cleaned right down to the bare surface, may also buildup layers of residue with trapped "stuff" in them.

Isopropyl Alcohol leave much less residue if used in at least a 90% strength higher is better in this case but also more flammable when being used so be careful.

Also be sure that whatever you use will not dissolve, fade or mark the surface of the blinds before you go whole-hog and clean them all at one time.

by: Anonymous

Blinds down and then close in both directions. Use a Swiffer to get the dust off. Then I use a Shark handheld steamer to get the gunk off both sides. Last I just touch up where the steamer didn't get. Time consuming but they are clean. We tried to remove to clean but that's a LOT of work in our RV. Next time I'll try the dryer sheet after the steam. Would really like to replace with the fabric pleated day/night blinds

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