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How To Connect A Satellite Receiver To An Older Video Switch Box In An RV

by Anonymous

How To Connect A Satellite Receiver To An Older Video Switch Box In An RV

How To Connect A Satellite Receiver To An Older Video Switch Box In An RV

I have an older RV that I have updated with a new HD tv, a dvd player and a sat receiver. Is there a way to hook these up to the video switch so I can watch DVD's or Sat tv on my other tv's or do I have to buy a new switch that supports component video.

I have not been able to find a switch like that yet. My Sat receiver does not have a regular coax output only component, HDMI and RCA. My switch box only has coax connections. Please let me know the best way to hook these up.

ANSWER: The ideal solution to your problem would be a new Video Control Center/Video Switcher Box that allows you to hook up your DVD Player and Satellite Receiver using the component or HDMI Connections and then converts those connections to be transmitted via the Coax to your TV.

That being said, you can use an RF Modulator such as the RCA Digital Tech Compact AV Stereo RF Modulator! and use the RCA video and audio connections on your components and have them transmitted through the coaxial connections on your existing video switch box to your TV.

Here are a couple of things you need to be aware of in case you decide to do this. First you will need one RF Modulator for each component that you plan to hook up. Second, when you are using an RF Modulator for your DVD or Satellite Receiver the signal will be transmitted to either channel 3 or 4 on your TV (you make the choice when setting up the RF modulator).

You need to further understand that the signals transmitted to your TV will not show in High Definition (depending on the size of your TV this may or may not be real noticeable to you).

Setting up this system is pretty simple and straight forward. You simply hook up your components RCA Video and Audio connections directly to the RF Modulator and then use a short piece of Coax Cable to connect the RF Modulator's "To TV" connection to your Video Switch Box at the DVD or Satellite Receiver Coax Connection.

You will also notice that the RF Modulator also has an "Antenna In" Connection which you will not connect anything to because the RV's antenna should already be connected to the Video Switch Box through its own connection.

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loss of video
by: Anonymous

The RF device works OK until I turn off the Sat. receiver. Then next day I have to pull off the yellow RCA cable, wait a few seconds and replace to get a picture. Audio is fine, just video. Why is this, and how do I fix this? I have tried different RF units. Same results.Please help, let me know.

RF Modulators needed for 2+TV's
by: Mitch

I encountered the same problem when upgrading my A-V system in my 2004 Coachmen Aurora Class A 3380MBS

Space in the entertainment system area was limited. The previous owners installed a Pioneer AVIC-F700BT In-Dash Navigation system. That unit has inputs for you run components through it. I decided to wire in the TV with red & white audio component wires for surround sound through the ceiling speakers. I also decided to add a 120v home-audio amp that I had lying around to power a 10" subwoofer that I put under the dinette. In order to create space for the large amp, I had to replace the Samsung VCR/DVD combo with a smaller DVD player so they would all fit in the cabinet. Well, the only one that I could find would fit only had component ports. The Samsung that I replaced had the 75ohm coaxial old-school connections that tied into the multi-room switch. I had to use an RF modulator to convert the component outputs of the DVD player into coaxial for it to work with the existing switch. Since my rig as 2 TV's, using a switch is neccesary to feed the desired media to the rear TV.

The switch that I had is a straight old-shool TV cable type with no component ports at all.

After more investigating, I found this from Campingworld for $72.00. This would have worked.


I found a RF Modulator At Walmart for $16.00.

No brainer for me. I went with the RF modulator and it worked slick!

That being said, I don't have Satellite TV. I don't have HDTV. This is an old TV fed by a CHEAP DVD player. I didn't do this for the visual. I did for the audio. Perhaps down the road I'll tackle the video. I just wanted nice sound! To get the sound I wanted, I had to switch some devices around because of space issues which forced me to redo the DVD player configuration.

Regardless, the basic principal is the same. Each "modern" device will need an RF modulator to INPUT into a switch or TV with old school cable connections.

Another person suggested to directly wire it in...you could, but that will only feed 1 TV. Not much help if you have more than 1 unless you rewire the the media straight to each TV Set. Possible?....sure....Practical?....Not really. Using a switch is easier in my opinion.

With the new technology out there anymore, there are many ways to skin a cat.

Hell, there are 30" 12VDC TV/DVD combos out on the market now. All you need is 12v and your golden. Plug it in to a cigarette lighter and your in!

I was trying to use what I have to get the job done.

I am pretty proficient with most things. I consider myself to be pretty handy. Poke around on the web for some recon and take a stab at it. Its really not hard. Just be patient. It never hurts to take pictures with your camera phone if your unsure. Biggest tip....LABEL EVERYTHING!!! You'd be surprised how many wires there are.

Happy trails.

Switch Box
by: Anonymous

Eliminate the switch box and connect your components directly to the different inputs of your tv. Select the input that you want to use when you change modes.

Camping World sells a switchbox with component in and out for DVD
by: Anonymous

Camping worldicon sells a video 5 in and 3 out switchboxicon for exactly your problem. However it only has one set of component connections for the DVD player. Everything else is Coax connections.

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