How to Eliminate Holding Tank Odors in an RV

by Steven

Eliminating Holding Tank Odors In Your RV

Eliminating Holding Tank Odors In Your RV

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The 360 Siphon Holding Tank Fume Extractor needs to be standard and not an accessory.

It uses even a slight breeze to create a small vacuum in holding tanks and keeping odors out of the RV.

I have 3 tanks and installed them on all 3 vents. Comes very close to zero odors.

Editors Note: Take a look at the video below to see a demonstration of how 360 Siphon Holding Tank Fume Extractor actually works.

The 360 Siphon Holding Tank Fume Extractor

The 360 Siphon RV holding tank vent cap eliminates odors from the source - the holding tanks - and exhausts them out of the roof vent before they have a chance to invade the RV living space. By design, the patented 360 Siphon creates an updraft, expelling odors and creating an oxygen-rich environment to speed up waste breakdown. You can breathe easier and enjoy a healthy, odor-free RV with the 360 Siphon.

The video below shows how easy it is to install the 360 RV Vent.

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