How to Install a New Toilet in an RV

by Barney
(Michigan UP)

How to Install a New Toilet in an RV

How to Install a New Toilet in an RV

I have a 1997 Southwind and would like to upgrade the toilet. The existing toilet is starting to leak and it is about time to replace it with a new perhaps china model. The problem is I can't see any nuts and bolts to remove the old one. It is rather low profile model sitting on a fiberglass like riser about 8 inches high.

Is the waste plumbing going to be a problem once the old one is removed? Can I reinstall a new one without the riser? Can you help?



ANSWER: Hi Barney as far as the bolts are concerned on your existing RV Toilet there should be two of them, I am not sure what model or make of toilet you have. First check the base of the toilet and see it you have a couple of plastic plugs. If you do the plastic plugs have to be removed to access the bolts.

If you have a toilet with a flush pedal, if you depress or lift up on the pedal you should be able to access one of the bolts. To get to the other bolt lift up the toilet seat and in the toilet itself you will see a plastic pop out that needs to be removed to access the second bolt. You will need an extension on your ratchet to access this one.

As far as your other questions just watch the video below by RVing Expert Mark Polk from RV Education 101

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Hope this helped.

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