How to Install a Power Supply on an Antenna Tek RV TV Antenna

by Dave Hurgett

My new 2010 trailer does not have a power supply installed. Therefore I do not get a TV reception when I am out of range. How do I install a power supply?

My antenna is a "Antenna Tek model 500".

ANSWER: Greetings Dave thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

The Antenna Tek Model 500 comes with a built in signal amplifier, but without the power supply the amplifier will not work. I am going to assume that you have already bought a suitable Power Supply from Antenna Tek.

Basically the power supply is a wall plate that goes in your RV that must be connected to the 12 volt DC system of your RV. The switch to turn on the power to the amplifier is located on the front of the plate. Depending on the wall plate power supply that you bought you might also have an additional 12 Volt DC outlet on the front of the plate.

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Since I do not know the model of trailer you have I cannot tell you where exactly you should mount this wall plate. In fact your trailer may already be pre-wired for this power supply installation, but you need to contact the company that manufactured your trailer to find out for sure.

If your trailer is not pre-wired you will need to install this wall plate in an area where you can tap into your trailers 12 volt DC system. Keep in mind
that besides the 12 volt DC wire connections that all of the Coax cable connections for your antenna, TVs, etc. are also located on the back of the power supply/wall plate (the number of coax connections vary by power supply model), so you are going to also have to mount it in close proximity to those Coax cables or plan on running additional coax cable through the walls of your RV to the power supply.

If after reading this your eyes start to glaze over and you are not sure that you can tackle this, you might be better off taking the trailer in and have a Certified RV Technician perform the job.

Since I do not know the layout of the wiring of your trailer I am afraid that I cannot be of much more help.

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