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How To Make Your RV Shine

by Gordon
(Whitehorse,Yukon Canada)

How To Make Your RV Shine

How To Make Your RV Shine

I just bought a 1995 Leisure Travel Van Widebody. I really like the van, but the fiberglass needs a good cleaning, and I would like to be able to make it shine like the paint on the rest of the body. Any suggestions would help. Products tools etc.

ANSWER: Hi Gordon, getting your RV to shine like it was when it was new is basically a 4 stage process and will involve some time and elbow grease on your part.

I have listed the steps below. Please keep in mind that the products I talk about below are for Fiberglass/Gel Coat RVs, but these same procedures will work on Non-Fibeglass RVs, you just have to substitute the oxidation remover, polish and wax for products that are designed for your RV's exterior.

Wash RV: For this part you will need your favorite RV Wash or mild detergent, Bucket, telescoping wash brush, tire/wheel brush and hand wash mitt.

Start your wash job on top of the RV roof and work your way down to the tires. Make sure that you rinse the RV frequently to prevent streaking. Some stubborn dirt may require that you use the wash brush or mitt more vigorously. Let the RV dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step.

Note: The next three steps can be completed by hand but I highly recommend that you invest in an electric orbital buffer. You will also need a step ladder tall enough to reach the highest part of your RV.

Meguiar's Marine & RV Fiberglass Restoration System

If you are looking for a product that contains the Fiberglas Oxidation Remover, Fiberglass Polish and Fiberglass Wax that will be needed for the next 3 steps I would recommend that you purchase the highly rated (by its users) Meguiar's Marine & RV Fiberglass Restoration System.

Remove Oxidation: This step can be skipped if you do not have any badly oxidized areas of Fiberglass on your Motorhome. You will need to follow the directions on the Fiberglass Oxidizer Remover that you are using, You will also need to use the proper buffers on the electric buffer.

You should only use the Oxidizer remover on Fiberglass/Gelcoat areas. You should never use it on decals as it can ruin them.

Polish RV: In this step you will need some good Fiberglass Polish and all of the other materials required are the same as the step above.

In this step, you will be polishing all of the fiberglass areas on the RV exterior. It is important to carefully follow all of the instructions on the fiberglass polish you are using and stay away from the RV's non-fiberglass areas.

Wax RV: This final step is going to give you the shiny RV you are looking for, so it is important to take your time and do it right. Again follow all of the directions on the Fiberglass/Gelcoat Wax you are using.

OK, I know that this process seems rather long and labor-intensive. This is the tried and true method that I know works if done correctly. After you have completed all of these steps, you should plan on re-waxing your RV every 5-6 months to keep that shine.

I know that there are products out there that claim to do all of the above in one easy step, but thus far, I have not found one that works. Our visitors should feel free to leave a comment to let you know what has worked for them.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

Comments for How To Make Your RV Shine

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Any Floor Wax
by: Anonymous

The problem with using floor wax is it will yellow, crack and come off after a couple of years. I bought a motor home that had floor wax on it it once it and once the wax starts coming off it is almost impossible to make the fiberglass look good short of painting the whole thing. Floor wax has no UV protection in it and is not intended for exterior use.

Camper shine cheap
by: BVG

I have been using motor oil and baby oil for yrs on a big truck / fiberglass and on my fiberglass camper they shine like new use every couple months still shines yrs later heck with all this expensive stuff that does not work - thanks napping trucking and camping

removing oxidation from Gel coat on rv
by: Ruse

Liquid Bar Keepers Friend

Liquid Bar Keepers Friend. Say again...Liquid Bar Keepers Friend, not the powder! Use Bounce dryer sheets dampened to remove all the bugs, rinse off. Wash with Simple Green mixed 50/50 and full strength for black streaks.

Zep Wet Look Floor Wax

I then used this on my chalky finish and it removed ALL of the oxidation. Rinse very well and let completely dry. I then used the Zep Wet Look Floor Wax, it's a simple wipe on, let dry and apply another coat. It took 6 applications but the results were AMAZING! IT LOOKS LIKE SHOWROOM NEW. It's very simple to apply, just watch out for runs and small air bubbles. I have a 34-foot fifth wheel and it took about 4hrs to apply wax. No buffing, just wipe on and let dry.

by: Pam

ZEP Floor Wax

This procedure seems to take a lot of time but I'm sure it works........I have a 97 Minnie class C and I did mine with ZEP floor wax and the old girl just sparkles and it only took a good wash and applying the wax with a soft extension brush! If that can bring a sparkle to my old baby, I'm sure it will do the trick on yours......good luck

R.V. Waxing
by: Ken

Just wondering what to use for the stickers and graphics on the R.V. Can it be the wax ?

bring back the shine
by: brenda

Zep Wet-Look Floor Polish

I cleaned the RV with a bleach-based cleaner (vim) then washed it down and applied Zepp as I had seen online.

I only did this to a small section as I wasn't sure how it would winter in the cold Canadian climate, so I did a small section to test it so that if I had to strip it all down I wouldn't have to do the whole motorhome.

I stood the test of the weather and looks awesome this spring. I will clean the rest and apply Zep floor polish. You can Youtube the application.

Editors Note: Take a look at the video below to learn more about this method to make your RV Shine.

by: J. Jones

Meguiars has excellent products. We did up our rv with their stuff and it looked brand new. Its an 06 and it was sparkling. You can call Meguiars up and tell them exactly what you want to do and they WILL hook you up with whatever you need and nothing more.

I use only their products. 3 autos 1 motorcycle and our class c. The rv is 31ft with a van cab. It took a weekend but I assure you , its worth it. Ill be waxing the RV up again within the next month. Which I do detail everything on it. That does add more time to the job but you got to take care of your investment.

Only for Fiberglas and Gelcoat?
by: George

Good response, appropriate for the OP's question. But, it might be helpful to include a comment that not all RVs have exteriors of Fiberglas/Gelcoat. For other readers who may have automotive paint/clear coat, use of an oxidation remover might be questionable?

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