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How to Prepare for RV Retirement

Learn how to prepare for RV retirement and you will have the ability to travel all around the country on a reasonable budget

By Isaac Christiansen

Learn how to prepare for RV retirement and you will have the ability to travel all around the country on a reasonable budget

One of the most exciting parts about retirement is finally being able to travel to the places you have never had the time to visit. With RV retirement, you will have the ability to travel all around the country on a reasonable budget. Seeing national parks, visiting your favorite sports teams, and adventuring in cities you have always dreamed about is closer than you might have ever imagined. Here is what to expect and how to prepare for RV retirement. 

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Learn how to make friends while on the road 

One of the biggest misconceptions about RV travel is that it is a very isolated life. However, this is not the case. Many have said that RV travel is a very social lifestyle. In an RV park, many of the other travelers are very willing to make new friends and help the newcomers feel welcomed. This leads to lasting friendships that make RV living a much more exciting prospect than one might have first imagined.

Choose the right vehicle 

It is important that you know what type of RV is going to work best for you and your travel needs. The first step when preparing for RV travel is learning about the different types of RVs out there. Depending on where you are looking to travel, these different types of RVs will better suit your needs. Also, your choice of RV will also be determined by the amount of space that you need.

Get organized 

Organization is a key part of living in an RV. With limited storage space, you need to understand the art of packing wisely. There are plenty of blogs, videos, and other tutorials online that focus on the art of RV organization. Make sure that you understand the ins and outs of RV storage. While you might feel as though you are an expert at home organization, staying organized in an RV is a whole different story. Practice your organization skills at home before you hit the road in order to have a great head start on your journey. 

Learn to downsize

When you decide to retire to an RV, you are going to have to learn to downsize. The number of items you are used to using on a daily basis will not be able to come with you on your new RV adventure. You then need to learn how to adjust your lifestyle in order to thrive in a downsized environment. Think of only the essentials that you are going to need on the road. While you may have a hobby of shopping, this will be one that you will have to curb when you are living on the road. You will have to learn to live with what is going to fit in the limited storage. 

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Practice driving your RV first 

Learn how to prepare for RV retirement and you will have the ability to travel all around the country on a reasonable budget

Before you get yourself onto dangerous mountain roads, it is important to learn the feel of your RV. Take the time to drive your RV around town before you hit the open road. The more hours you put in practicing around town on roads you are familiar with, the easier it will be to deal with obstacles on roads that you are less familiar with. 

Make sure your finances are in check 

Before buying an RV and heading out on the road, you need to make sure that your budget is solid. You either need a passive source of income or a substantial amount of savings to make it on the road. With maintenance, repairs, gas, and insurance, driving an RV is not a cheap thing to do. You also need to factor in the cost of buying your RV. The price of RVs can range anywhere from $10,000 to $200,000. However, used RVs can also be a fantastic way to save money on your initial RV purchase. Without the proper funds, it will be difficult to enjoy your journey without having to stress about money. 

Save for your RV retirement early 

To ensure that you have the money needed to hit the open road, you should start saving early for your RV retirement. You can meet with a financial planner who will put you on the right track for your financial future. This will give you the ability to put the right amount of money away each month in order to hit the road in style once you retirement rolls around. 

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Keep your medical needs in mind

When hitting the road in an RV, you will be far away from your primary care physician. It is important to have all of the proper medication available for issues like diabetes, arthritis care, and back pain that could cause issues on the road. Meet with your doctor before you depart in order to discuss a plan that will help you stay medically safe on the road.

Hopefully this guide to how to prepare for RV retirement will help you in planning your retirement.

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