How To Repair RV Shore Power Cord

by Martin
(Leland, N.C.)

How To Repair An RV Shore Power Cord

How To Repair An RV Shore Power Cord

I have a 04 Terry Taurus 5th Wheel the male end of it is badly broken; I want to replace it; how do I do it? Where does it hook up inside the camper?

ANSWER: Hi Terry, there are replacement RV Shore Power Cords available for both 30-amp and 50-amp RVs but, based on your description of the damage to your RV's Shore Power Cord, it does not sound like you need to replace the entire cord.

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It sounds like the only part of the cord that is damaged is the male plug. All you have to do is cut the old plug off of the cord, and you can buy a new 30 Amp or 50 Amp replacement plug (pictured at the top of this page). If you have ever replaced a plug on any of your home appliances, you should have an easy job of replacing the plug on your RV.

To properly install the new plug on the RV's Shore Power Cord will require that you cut each of the cord's internal wires to certain lengths (per the instructions that come with the plug) so they will not have strain on them. So besides a screwdriver you will need a ruler and a good pair of wire cutters and wire strippers.

The video below will show you how easy it is to replace an RV short power plug.

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If you are not comfortable doing this job yourself and you have a friend that is an electrician or an experienced handyman/woman, they could easily do this job for you.

I hope this helps.

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Replacement head
by: Cheryl Reed

You saved me! I'm a woman and didn't know how but you made it so easy! Thank you!!

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