I Am a New Full-Time RVer, How Do I Get My Mail?

by Peggy

How to Get Your Mail While RVing

How to Get Your Mail While RVing

We are first-time full-timers. I am confused, and it's probably a crazy question but here goes.

When we moved out of our condo and into our coach full-time, we used our daughters' address as our forwarding address. This is fine for now because we are still in the same town, and I just pick it up. But, we are leaving for our first full-time adventure in Sept. and won't be back until May.

We will be in Florida first, then across the south, and then at a few places in Arizona until May, when we will come back to Wisconsin. So, my question is...right now, everything with our name on it goes to her...but when she goes to forward it to me at either a campground or post office (general delivery), won't it just come back to her because my name is on it?

I just can't get this concept..please help. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question.

Thanking everyone in advance for trying to help me by answering this question.


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ANSWER: Hi Peggy, first off, your question is not stupid. Now that we got that out of the way, lets answer it.

If you plan on still having your daughter receive your mail, all you have to do is contact her when you get to a destination that you plan on spending some time at. If your destination happens to be a campground, you need to check with them to see if they will accept packages at their office for you. Most campgrounds that have any dealings with full-time RVers are more than happy to accept packages for their visitors.

Once you have determined that you can get a package at the campground you are staying at, you can contact your daughter and give her the physical address. She can then pack all of your mail in a box and send it to you. Since it is going to a physical address, she can send it by USPS, UPS, or FedEx. The cheapest way to send it will be by ground service, which depending on your location, can take up to 7 days.

If for some reason, the place that you are staying is not willing to accept any packages or mail for you, then you will have to go to the "General Delivery" route. Some things you need to know is that UPS and FedEx will not do General Delivery, so your daughter will have to use
the Postal Service to ship your mail to you.

You also need to check with the local post office to confirm what they have in place for General Delivery.

Another option you have is to remove your daughter from the mail forwarding loop altogether and use a mail forwarding service designed especially for full-time RVers like the Good Sam Mail Service. The basic Good Sam Mail Forwarding Plan can cost as little as $9.00 per month if you sign up for a year and you are a member of the Good Sam Club. Even if you are not a member of the Good Sam Club, you can still sign up for the Good Sam Mail Service. The basic plan includes:

* Access Your Account Online
* View numbered mailpiece count - online
* Replenish your postage or renew subscription - online
* Change forwarding address - online
* Request to forward all mail - online
* Physical street address in Florida
* Unlimited address forwarding changes - No extra charge
* Shred all obvious unwanted mail - No extra charge
* Unlimited mail pieces received - No extra charge
* Custom mail sorting and mail holding as needed - No extra charge
* Call to review mail count and open a letter if requested - No extra charge
* Schedule auto-shipments weekly, biweekly, and monthly - No extra charge
* Receive shipment e-mail notification
* No club membership required; just a one-time setup fee of $25
* Free fax available. Receive a fax or have us fax a letter to you
* No charge for receiving incoming packages (large or small)

There is also a Premium Plan that can cost less than $17.00 per month if you sign up for a year and are a current Good Sam Club Member. The Premium Plan includes everything I mentioned above, plus:

* Complete Mailbox Management
* View alphabetical mail list of senders name and information
* View an alphabetical list of magazines and packages
* Request a scan for that urgent letter (additional $2.50 per scan up to 10 pages)

Take a look at the short video below to learn even more about the Good Sam Mail Forwarding Serve.

Join the Good Sam Club Today! Discounts, Tips, Tools & Much More!

There are also other mail forwarding plans. If any of our visitors have a suggestion for another mail forwarding plan they can leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

I hope that this information was helpful to you.

Happy RVing

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by: Anonymous

We use Escapees in Livingston, Texas. We love it. You can sign up on line if you are not anywhere near Livingston.

Traveling mailbox
by: Anonymous

Traveling Mailbox. They give you and address then open and copy your mail and email it to you. I travel all over the world and have been using it for several years. They even deposit checks or foward mail you need. You can have an address in one of many locations.

by: Anonymous

Has anyone used Escapees in Livingston Tx for mail service?? Interested in your evaluation and experience with them. Thanks!!

Save some money....
by: Anonymous

Why not unsubscribe to any subscriptions or switch to an online one. Get any bills, etc. Sent to you via email.

I hardly get any mail. When I move, I plan on making sure to not get any anymore as I don't want to pay a forwarding fee.

by: benny

hi we have been full timing for 20 years and had always used fmca mail forwarding, it was a free service except you had to pay postage. their load became so great that they stopped the service. they suggested Dakota Post at 3916 N. Potsdam Ave. Sioux Falls S D 57104 800-477-2664 which we have used for 2 years now and are pleased with their service. we pay $8.48 per month plus any postage. call them. enjoy the full time rving we have . benny

mail forwarding
by: Roger

In preparation for this I opened a box at a UPS Store a couple years ago and switched everything to that address from the house. I just sold the house and am now RVing full time spending at least one month in each location. The UPS store will forward all mail. Generally everything including magazines will fit into a large envelope. I email and/or call them to start or stop at a given address. Here at Isla Blanca Park on South Padre Island UPS delivers right to the space. On another note I also had an 18 wheeler back up and drop off a new washer dryer here as they one I just bought before leaving had to be replaced under warranty. The park office will hold your US Mail for you; I use UPS for everything though.

Mail Forwarding
by: Benny

FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) had been our mail forwarding for 20 years at no cost if you were a member. We paid postage of course to wherever we were. They were fantastic. We never had a problem with them. We would pick a small town on our travel route, call FMCA and tell them where to send it. Pick a small town with one post office, very important you do that. By the time we got there our mail would be there. Ours went out on Mondays. They just stopped the service and forwarded us to a outfit called DakotaPost. The fee for us is 8.00 dollars a month at the present time. Enjoy your full timing we sure have. A happy full timer.

by: Newby Fun Resorts

We manage RV communities across Florida and this question comes up a lot. Thank you for answering it in such a concise and clear way! Mail call, anyone?!

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