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I Am Buying An RV, Where Can I Get Information On RV Manufacturer's Costs And Incentives?

by Stephanie
(Chino Hills, Ca, USA)

How do you find out Manufacturers cost for an RV and when incentives are likely to be offered (and what are the amounts) to determine what amount to offer for an RV and whether a New RV has dealer incentives that make it a better deal than an offer on a floor model sitting in inventory.

ANSWER Greetings Stephanie thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

I will tell you that our website has a wealth of information on what you need to know about buying an RV. To help Answer your questions I am going to include links to this information in my answer.

I would be remiss if I did not start off by referring you to a book that is a must read for any person thinking about buying a new or used RV. The book is called How to Select, Inspect, and Buy an Rv: A Complete Guide By J. D. Gallant.

Although the above mentioned book was written prior to the current economic crisis in the RV Industry, the information it provides is invaluable. It walks you through the different types of RVs available, the RV inspection process, how to negotiate a good deal, what to watch out for when buying an RV and how to know when you have gotten a fair price versus the MSRP. By the way this book has been rated 5 stars by the reviewers on Amazon.

Since we are talking about the current economic crisis, I should let you know that you have picked an excellent time to buy a new or used RV. RV Manufacturers and RV Dealers are desperate to sell RVs right

now and you are in the driver's seat when it comes to possibly getting a once in a lifetime deal on a new or used RV. To find out more please read the article I recently wrote: Is Now The Right Time To Buy An RV?

You should also read the answer I gave to this question: Can I Get 50% Off The Price Of A New RV Right Now? The answer includes information on how you can get an even better deal on an RV by buying one from an RV show. It also includes links to other pages on our website about things you need to know about buying an RV.

Below are some other areas of our website that you should visit before you actually purchase an RV.

What You Need To Know Before Buying An RV

RV Loans What You Need To Know Before You Sign The Dotted Line

Is A Used RV Inspection Important?

If this is still not enough information; here are some articles from our RV Lifestyle and Camping Articles Page that you should read: The Top Three Ways To Save Money On A New Motorhome, How To Eliminate Dealer Pressure When Buying A Motorhome and RV Financing Frequently Asked Questions.

I believe that all of the information above should be helpful in getting you a great deal on a new or used RV.

Happy RVing

RVing Al

RVing Al personally uses and highly recommends RV Emergency Road Service from the Good Sam Club

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