I am getting a humming sound when using the auxiliary speakers on my RV's TV

by Joe Duzy

Hi Al,

We have a loud hum that comes from our auxiliary speakers (when we use them) when we listen to the TV in our RV. The speakers are from our Pioneer system. That is used for radio and backup camera. The problem is from day one. How do we get rid of that?

Hi Joe, I am assuming that when you listen to the radio or play a CD through the same stereo system that you do not here this hum. I am also going to assume that when you use the built-in speakers on the TV that you also do not hear the hum.

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If all of the above the true; then that eliminates the stereo, TV and auxiliary speakers from being the problem.

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My best guess is that the problem is with the Audio Patch Cables used to connect the your TV to the Stereo System. The problem with the cable/s could be:

1. The audio cable connections could be loose at the TV or Stereo (this would be the first thing I would check).

2. That the cables are defective.

3. They cable/s are being run near a 120 Volt electrical source that is creating an electrical interference that is causing the hum.

4. Since the cable is probably being run through the RV walls to get to the stereo: a staple, screw or nail could have pierced the cable insulation and is touching the internal wiring
causing the hum.

The easiest way to find out if the audio cables are the culprit is to get a new audio cable and temporarily hooking it up to the stereo. If the stereo is built into a cabinet or the dash of the RV; this may involve pulling the system out of the dash or cabinet to make the connection. If the hum goes away then you know for a fact that you have permanently replace the cable.

I cannot tell you exactly what type of cable your system is using, but I am going to assume that some of the connections are using RCA Cables.

The biggest problem you are going to have is running the new cables from the TV to the stereo. If you are lucky the old cables are not attached to the interior walls or cabinets. In that case all you have to do is attach your new cables to the old cables with electrical tape and use the old cables to pull the new ones through the walls/cabinets.

Unfortunately some RVs are pre-wired for all of their cables, wires etc. and they are permanent part of the RV's wall. In that case you will have to create a new route for the audio wires to run.

I hope that this information was helpful to you.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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