I Am Having Problems Winterizing My Motorhome

by Carl Rodekamp
(Sterling, IL, USA)

We have a 1999 PaceArrow Vision that has 2 fresh water tanks connected together. When I put anti-freeze into the fresh water fill, I am losing the anti-freeze. Is there a shut off on the small tank, because I'm not finding one and I can't get the unit winterized because the anti-freeze somewhere.

Is there something I'm over looking? All the shut offs shown in the book are turned off, is there possibly one not shown in the book?

ANSWER: Greetings Carl thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

First I have to admit that I am a little confused by your question. Let me start off by clarifying a few things.

1. As far as I know your motorhome is equipped with a total of three holding tanks. One Fresh Water Holding Tank (holds potable water), one Grey Water Holding Tank (holds drain water from shower and sinks) and one Black Water Holding Tank (holds toilet waste). I am not aware of an additional Fresh Water Tank on your model motorhome.

2. The only manual valves that I am aware of for your motorhome would be for the low-point drains on your holding tank.

3. You should have two water connections on your motorhome. The first one is for using city water and should be marked as "City Water". The second one is for filling

your fresh water tank and is marked "Tank Fill". The Tank Fill connection is not in your wet compartment it is somewhere on the outside of your motorhome either on the passenger side or driver's side of the motorhome.

You should be putting the RV Antifreeze in the Tank Fill connection, not the City Water connection.

4. If you are using the Tank Fill connection and the water and RV Antifreeze is leaking out on the ground it could be that you have mistakenly opened the low point drain on your Fresh Water Holding Tank or the Fresh Water Holding Tank is full and the extra water and antifreeze is being pushed out of the tank (this is completely normal by the way).

You may want to refer to the article below for further information on the Winterizing process.

Winterizing Your Motorhome

I hope that the above information has been helpful to you.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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