I Have a Sink Leak In My RV

by Bob Robinson
(Waterport, NY)

My hot water line in the galley sink leaks when the external water supply is hooked up. Have hand tightened the connection to the faucet but am concerned about applying too much torque to the connection as they are plastic (vinyl?) connection. Suggestions??

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ANSWER: Hi Bob since it appears that this connection only leaks when hooked up to city water the problem may very well be too much water pressure. If your RV is equipped with a built-in Water Pressure Regulator, it may not be working properly. If this leak is indeed caused by too much water pressure, you may have other hidden connections that may be leaking in your RV.

There are Water Pressure Regulators available that you can attach directly to your RV's Fresh Water Hose. Most of these regulators are inexpensive and could very well solve your leak problem.

If you still have a leak at the sink after installing the regulator, you may want to add some Teflon Tape to the threads of the connection and see if that stops the leak.

If all else fails you may have to replace that water line. Hope this helps.

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