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I Just Got A Motorhome For Free, It Needs Work, Where Do I Start?

by Anonymous

My 72 Dodge Commander Motorhome

My 72 Dodge Commander Motorhome

I got one for free- seem it’s not getting any gas from the fuel lines so maybe the fuel pumps bad? Or fuel lines and the filter or just the tank has some bad gas in it - OK where do I start?

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First let me congratulate you on your free RV. As far as the fuel problem you mentioned; considering the age of the Motorhome the cause could be any of the items you mentioned above.

Ok let me answer your main question "Where Do I Start?" Before you jump into doing any repairs on your Motorhome, you need to take some time to evaluate its current condition and determine how much money it is going to cost you to get it roadworthy and livable.

Normally when a person is getting ready to purchase a used RV I highly recommend that they conduct a thorough used RV Inspection before they make the purchase. So I suggest that you start by visiting our Used RV Inspection Page and follow the guidelines I have outlined there. By conducting this inspection you will get a better feel for what priority items need to be done.

Leave your RV repair bills to us—Good Sam Extended Service Plan

It would be a shame for you to spend money on getting the fuel problem solved only to find out that the chassis on the RV is cracked or other major problems that may not let you take it on the road are present. Just an example is if the tires on the Motorhome are 6 years or older, for safety they need to be replaced and this can be very expensive.

The inspection allows you to calculate how much money and time you will have to spend to bring the RV up to par. By doing this you will not have any expensive surprises popping up.

I am sure that this is not the answer you expected, but it is what I think you should do before anything else.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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Comments for I Just Got A Motorhome For Free, It Needs Work, Where Do I Start?

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simple things first
by: Anonymous

Start with the simple and inexpensive fixes first...Like the fuel filter. If it turns over, try putting a (wee little bit) of gas directly into the carburetor butterfly air intake and see if the engine fires up. Pull the plugs and see what they look like. Brush them off, clean them up before buying news if they are loaded up. Pay attention to what each plug looks like. This will give you idea on condition of cylinders.

4 year owner of 1974 commander
by: Johnnyhay

Firstly you have got to love the name! The Commander! Makes me think they were marketing it to naval retirees. Mine has a 413 BB that would be right at home in a muscle car. It is 38 years old and still does not leak a drop. My friends '90' Tioga is a sieve. they are built very well as the years of service can attest to. But time is taking its toll the skirting below the floor, and the rear floor under the generator and water tank have severe rot I I will attempt to restore it. They are funny looking RVs But that's what makes them unique in this bland cookie cutter design of a world,keep it! Put some $ into it. Remember 3strikes!,bad body,bad interior,bad drivetrain. forget it! 1 or 2 strikes may be ok. I love mine! when no one is looking I give a hug, it deserves it.He's been good to me!

1974 commander owner 440 big block
by: Anonymous

where to begin... these are awesome runners if you have the patience to figure them out. they run on gas thet you need to make sure gets to the carb. a hose in a gas can then connected to the carb first. then through the pump next. sounds dangerous yep. but it will work if carbs clean. then change plugs they foul quick. first four on right side a breeze on top left needs an extension socket and best reached under under front tire oh and fuel filter must repeatmust be clean keep several handy unless you use 1 tank. just the beginning ....

I had a similar problem.
by: Anonymous

I bought a Commander. I started at the Carb and worked my way back when I narrowed the issue down to "no gas to the engine". Make sure your RV is level. Even a slight incline or tilt will cause the fuel pickup lines to be above the fuel level, unable to pick up fuel.

Also, if its been sitting, it may have no fuel in the lines in which case, it will take a while to get fuel from the tank all the way to the engine. Look the lines over to make sure there are any bends in the line and for worn rubber fuel lines.

First place I looked was the Carb ports. When then engine turns over, you'll be able to see fuel coming from the jets. If there isn't, check the fuel line between the pump and the Carb. If there's no fuel, check the line pressure with your finger. If you feel pressure, just be patient and keep turning the engine over in short intervals to avoid burning out your starter.

If there is no pressure on the line, fuel pump may need to be replaced. There are electric fuel pumps available for an inexpensive upgrade but the OE replacements work fine for me. Hope this helps!

fuel problems
by: doug powell

check your gas tank,when gas sits for a long peroid of time it will turn to a thick gel like varnish. it clogs up your fuel lines and fuel pump. all the way to the carburator. look inside the carb to see if it is gummed up. if so you will have to cleane out the fuel tank all the way to the carb.

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