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I Love RVing Because Of The Excuses It Gives Me

by Jason
(Atlanta, GA)

I Love RVing Because Of The Excuses It Gives Me

I Love RVing Because Of The Excuses It Gives Me

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The reason I love RVing has nothing to do with the actual RV itself, as I am sure most of you would agree.

The RV is an excuse, whether we realize it or not. It is an excuse to get away from the daily hassles of life, to forget work, to create lasting memories with my children and to see the natural beauty that this world has to offer.

I chose not to attach a picture of my RV, because as I stated earlier, it is merely an excuse. The picture above is why I love RVing.

God Bless!

Comment From RVing Al Jason very well said thank you very much for sharing this with us.

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