I Need an Electric Plug For My Rare 1961 Holiday House Travel Trailer

by Ann
(Northern California)

Rare 1962 Holiday House Travel Trailer

Rare 1962 Holiday House Travel Trailer

I just purchased a 1962 Holiday House 18' trailer. Mounted on the outside is a male power outlet with three straight blades. One of them has an extra width on it....I have researched what the style is and have determined that it must be a marine type 30 amp receptacle...I need the female end to plug into it with a regular 15 amp three prong plug at the other end.

I do not want to spend huge money for an adapter...can I plug a 15 amp female into the 30 amp male? I am assuming that it would drop the amps down to 15 when I am plugged in...help!!!

The trailer has propane stove, heater and hot water heater....don't think I would be blowing any breakers with it....

Thanks for your help!!


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ANSWER: Hi Ann thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page

I hope that you realize that you are now the owner of a very rare and unique travel trailer. More on that in just a minute. Now to your question; I wish that you had included a picture of your RV's electric connection, so I could link to an exact match for you.

Unfortunately you are going to have to use an adapter. Depending on the type connection your trailer actually has you could pay as little as $5.00 or $30.00 or more for the right adapter. Yes your travel trailer will be reduced to 15 amps when plugged into a house receptacle. Also keep in mind that the total amps will be reduced by whatever house electrical appliances that you have plugged into that same circuit.

Take a look at this National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Plug Chart to make sure you know exactly what kind of outlet you have and then take a look at these 30 Amp To 15 Amp Adapters to get the right one for your travel trailer.

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About Your 1961 Holiday House Travel Trailer

Believe it or not your travel trailer
was manufactured by Harry & David, yes this is the same Harry $ David that create the handcrafted fruit gift baskets and other homemade food gift treats.

Back in 1959 David H. Holmes, President of Harry and David decided to start building travel trailers during the fruit packing slow season. This way they could keep their employees working.

Harry & David manufactured travel trailers from late 1959 until January of 1962. In June of 1962 the trailer plant burnt down and never reopened again. The fire also destroyed all of the production and sales records for the Harry & David trailers. It is estimated that less than 200 aluminum sided Holiday House Trailers were ever constructed and that very few of those still exist.

The Holiday House Travel Trailer is treasured for both it's rarity and unique manufacturing background. But it is most admired for its unique late 50s early 60s "Space Age" appearance. Just look at the curved panoramic windows at the front and the trailer and you know exactly in what era it was built (see the pictures of a restored Holiday House Trailer at the top of this page). In my opinion the Holiday House Travel Trailer one of the most beautiful vintage trailers around.

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Harry & David manufactured an even rarer trailer called the Holiday House Geographic. This was a futuristic and rather ugly (in my opinion) fiberglass sided travel trailer. It is estimated that less than 15 were ever manufactured and that less than 2 were ever sold and only one is still known to exist.

So congratulations on having found and acquired a very rare and unique RV.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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Exterior and Interior of Restored Holiday House trailer Photos by: PunkToad, cc

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