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I Need An Electrical Diagram For My RV

by RVing Al
(Everything About RVing)

I get this question a lot, so I figured I would take a moment to give you the good, bad, and the ugly answer to this question. Here is the bad news first. The fact is if you own an older RV you have very little chance of getting an original wiring diagram.

Even if you own a newer RV depending on the manufacturer, you may not be able to get an original wiring diagram/schematic for it. That's right the only place that you can get an original wiring diagram for any RV is from the company that manufactured it. If you own an Orphan RV (an RV that was manufactured by a company that is no longer in business) then you are plain out of luck.

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But here is the even bigger question why do you need a wiring diagram for your RV? Are you planning on rewiring it? Are you planning on tearing the walls down and remodeling it? In most cases, you are looking for the wiring diagram because you are experiencing an electrical problem with your RV.

If you are experiencing an electrical problem with your RV I can guarantee you that 99.99% of the time a wiring diagram or schematic will not help you solve the problem. The most common causes of electrical problems in RVs are: (in no particular order)

* Blown fuse
* Tripped Circuit Breaker
* Tripped GFCI Outlet
* Bad or under charged House Batteries
* Bad RV Power Converter
* Loose connections on the house batteries

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Electrical problems in an RV are very seldom caused by internal problems in the electrical system of the RV. Even if it ends up being an internal wiring problem in the walls of the RV, unless you are a qualified electrician you should not be attempting the repairs.

For those of you who feel that you would like to be able to repair the electrical system of your RV, but cannot get the wiring diagrams or schematics you might want to take a look at some of the RV Repair Books that are available.

I hope that this information was helpful.

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RVing Al

Comments for I Need An Electrical Diagram For My RV

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2005 Four Winds Electical 110 v problem
by: Bill Patterson

I have an 110 ac problem. Half of my outlets do not work. There is only one 30amp circuit breaker. Even the outside electrical outlet on the RV is dead. Must be a junction box or something but without a diagram, it is a matter of pulling down walls etc. Anyone know of a good way to figure out what could have happened? I have checked all the sockets by pulling them out and checking the wires for voltage. It is just a pain on trying to find path of the wires.

What does a chewed wire get reconnected to?
by: Joe

Though you may be correct as to the diagram being unavailable, the idea that a problem is always solvable without one is false. To make a diagnostic plan and design tests that will lead to a solution requires an understanding of circuit design. I am quite sure that RV mechanics use them just like auto mechanics do.

I need a wireing diagram for a 1979 Dodge monoco RV
by: Dave Darby

Rv al I have looked and asked around but to no avail. You see while the RV was parked in Denver, Colorado with a for sale sign on it and the owner never checking on it the homeless that are in this area managed to steal the back half of the ( tail light/Brake light/ turn signal wire from the loom. Then someone ran a different wire to hook up trailer lights

Wire diagram is a valuable tool
by: Mike G

I agree most electrical problems are simply a fuse or breaker, however, the schematic will be very useful to the dealer repair guy ( who I rate just above the installer who is not the sharpest kid in the playground).
The point is we would at least have some understanding of the system. And don’t forget some of us who buy Thea’s RV’s are electrical engineers retired from the space industry, aircraft industry and know a lot more than the electric designers of RV’s.
It is extremely difficult to troubleshoot a problem without the schematic!!!!!

Keystone wiring
by: Anonymous

Ok so I too want a comlete wiring diagram for my 2017
The reason should not matter. Not to be rude If a person request a wiring diagram then that person should get said wiring diagram if it’s available. Honestly wiring diagram should be part of the instruction manual‘s for an RV because they get very limited shitty warranties and if you own anything made by Keystone it is the biggest piece of garbage known in the RV world. So word to the wise don’t ever buy anything made by Keystone or grand designs I unfortunately own keystone Montana 2017 and I am completely disgusted with it and Keystone as a whole
I have multiple reasons for wanting a complete wiring diagram But I shouldn’t have to explain my reasons why I request it. FYI I have had problems with the hydraulic lifts all the slides the plumbing the cable TV system and antenna and the trim just randomly falling off
I can only assume things will continue to deteriorate on this piece of garbage
So does anybody know where a person can get a full wiring schematic for an RV aside from asking keystone directly which they will drag their feet and pretend like they’ve never heard of such a thing

by: Anonymous

I had a blow out on my passenger side of my 06 timberlodge travel trailer. I'm the process it cut a white wire and purple wire, for the life of me I can't trace them down. They are hot coming from the front of the camper, help please

Electrical Question
by: Paul T

I have a 2004 Salem Le 32 ft trailer and the red wire from the battery goes through the frame into a black holder that seems to hold two breakers that have a bar between the two. I would like to know if these are breakers and where I can get a new holder for them as well as the breakers if that is what they are.

need diagram for 1994 rv overland odessa
by: Anonymous

need diagram for 1994 rv overland odessa

Lost A/C Power to only one receptacle
by: Wayne

I have a 2014 Concord and lost the electrical power in the receptacle up front next to the overhead TV. I found that I lost the neutral lead only. The ground is good as is the hot (120) lead. Problem is I have no idea where that outlet gets its feed. I can pull an extra neutral but don't know the path in the ceiling to get to another outlet. All of the other 120V outlets are on the drivers side of the front lounge and kitchen. Outlets for bedroom and outside tv's are on the passenger side of the coach. I will re-post as a question.

Lost power
by: Raymond Arnold

I pluged in an extra light balb in a wall lamp and it knocked out the power in half the camper . i checked the breakers and reset them and still got no power we are camping through the winter and need lights so if you can help me please at yacky2_2000@yahoo.com

Electrical Help Wanted
by: Mike

We have got a Kodiak 235 Hydrid trailer. While towing it we blew a tire on the rear right and she made a mess by beating the underside of the trailer and catching the wiring harness ripping it apart and pulling all the connections apart that run our pump, water heater and the indicator lights for the tanks. We got the structure all back to new but can't find any wiring help. So I beg of any who can HELP! A schematic would be the answer for us. Anybody got a hint? It's a 05' . E-mail me at mbokla@gmail.com if you have any leads. Thanks a million.

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