I Now Know The Awsome Power Of That Little Switch In My RV

by Edie J
(Scottsville, KY)

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I was recently in Louisianna helping with Hurricane Isaac relief. I had decided to take my rig, a 92 Monaco Dynasty, on the trip so I could have my cat with me. The rig sat for 3 years before I got it and still has issues".

The roads in MS and LA leave a lot to be desired. All kinds of things were shaken loose during the trip down and I spent a fair amount of time putting things right again. I had the brilliant idea that since I had access to a decent shop, I would take care of the generator muffler that FELL OFF on the rough roads and get my brakes done.

It took them a week to get the repairs made. I prepared to leave and the shop calls. They had gotten ready to test drive my rig after the brake job and the transmission line let loose. Dumped transmission fluid all over their drive. So, needless to say, I was not able to leave on my schedule.

When I picked the rig up the following Monday, I was more than ready to head home. I had been in LA for over 21 days and I was tired. Tried to crank the generator and it wouldn't run. I am not a happy person. No generator means no AC for the drive home! After futzing around with things I decide it needs to go back to the shop. Arrange to have someone follow me to the shop so I

can have a ride back. Start the rig and pull out. HMMMM, no "get up and go" when I press the gas. I notice there is no reading on my Booster gauge. I am now pretty much in tears. Limp to the shop at 15mph. They tell me my generator issue is propane related and they can't work on it, and my turbo issue is beyond their abilities as well. Now I really AM in tears. I am NEVER going to get out of LA at this rate!

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Limping to the place they recommended to have the turbo serviced, I happen to look down and noticed my PAC brake switch. It was In the ON position. Turned it off and ZOOM! I was was outta there! I called the guy tailing me to let him know I was NOT stopping and he said when he saw the puff of smoke and the rig take off like a rocket, I wasn't stopping for anything! It was a warm trip, but I didn't slow down until I was way out of LA!

Guess you can't get anywhere if you run with your brakes on.

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Pac brake
by: Anonymous

If your unit is working properly the "Pac" brake will dissengage when you press the accelerator. The Pac brake is a flap that closes the exhaust off making the engine work like a compressor (sort-of). The pac is located just downstream of the exhaust manifold and may just need a little use.

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