Strong 2016 First Quarter RV Sales Signal Future Industry Growth

Some Great News for the RV Industry

Strong 2016 First Quarter RV Sales Signal Future Industry GrowthStrong 2016 First Quarter RV Sales Signal Future Industry Growth

By Vincent Stokes

Coming out of the recession has meant different things for different people. Depending on your age and interests, the idea of retirement or at least going to part-time work can be a little daunting. RV travel can be cost effective with just a bit of planning. You are headed into a time of great freedom!

For those who want to see the country and love to travel, an RV may be a terrific option. Growth in RV sales in the first quarter of 2016 rose more than ten per cent, so this mode of travel and living is on the rise! These traveling homes are built in the United States. In fact, 80% of the RV's built and used in the United States are constructed in Elkhart and LaGrange, Indiana. This industry employs 50,000 people in the Hoosier state. You can enhance your travel experience, make an investment in your future freedom and flexibility, and support your fellow citizens with the purchase of an RV.

An RV is a great investment in your future, and might even give you the chance to practice being retired. Consider taking a long weekend to visit friends or family in your RV. Not only will you get to see the country in comfort, you'll save on hotel expense and the occasionally awkward feeling of getting too much time together. In your RV, you can kick back and get a break from everyone, or invite others in and socialize.

RV communities abound across the United States. With a little planning, you can spend your winter months enjoying the ocean breezes in Florida, your spring in the rolling hills of Kentucky, and avoid the heat of summer beside a lake in Minnesota. No matter what part of the country you'd like to visit, a well built RV from Indiana will get you on the road in safety, comfort and style. These communities offer a vigorous on-line presence, so you can review the experiences of others in the RV community.

You can stay connected to everyone while getting away from it all, too! Advances in iDirect modem technology will make it possible for you to access bank accounts, pay bills, log onto Facebook, and check emails. In addition, there are multiple RV apps you can add to your phone that will help you connect with local RV communities, check road conditions and weather risks, and make your traveling plans smooth.

Your RV investment will greatly enhance your vacation, travel and retirement options. Learning to carefully and safely travel in this vehicle may take some time for those who have been driving cars for a while. For example, you may need to learn to load and tow a smaller vehicle or an additional storage trailer. However, there's plenty of advice out there for things to consider before you buy an RV. Whether you're only using your RV on your yearly vacation or you're planning to RV full-time, make sure to get an insurance quote that will encompass all of your possessions and vehicle.

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No matter your travel or retirement goals, an RV can provide you with a terrific home away from home experience. Planning out your travel route from place to place will give you the chance to discover those small, out of the way gems that those who love to travel get to enjoy. From large RV communities with loads of connection opportunities to a quiet camping spot in a national park, this mode of travel and living can provide you with terrific experiences and memories.

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