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8 Awesome Tips on Keeping your RV Clean and Pest-Free

Keeping your RV clean and pest-free is easy when you follow these 8 tips

8 Awesome Tips on Keeping your RV Clean and Pest-Free

By Mia Stark

Do you enjoy traveling and having a good time while in the comfort of your RV? Certainly most people who have RVs love to keep them clean and pest-free. 

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by following the the 8 tips I have outlined below, you will take pleasure in staying in a sparkling clean RV without the fear of being attacked by uninvited pest guests. 

1. Seal holes in your RV

This should be the first thing to check in your RV so that you close off any entry points that may allow pests in your RV. If you find a hole, you can use a silicone filler or a sealing wax to fix the gaps. This will prevent those nasty mice, spiders, cockroaches or ants from crawling into your RV.

2. Use essential oils to repel pests

If you are asking yourself how this hack works, then you will definitely consider using it once you find out how. Basically, get any essential oil that repulses insects such as peppermint or Citronella Oil. They are usually sweet smelling so you don't have to worry about getting a bad smell in your RV.

Essential Oil Diffuser

For even more effective results you can use a Essential Oil Diffuser for essential oils and place then in strategic areas of your RV. If you don't have a essential oil diffuser, you can use a small spray bottle and use 10 to 20 drops of peppermint or citronella oil mixed with distilled water, vodka or witch hazel.  Shake the mixture. Spraying this in places pests like to hide can help you repel them.

3. Dispose of your garbage on time

Garbage in your RV will attract all kinds of pests. Do not wait for the garbage bin to be full or overflowing before dumping.  It is important that you throw out your trash at the end of the day and not let it sit in your RV overnight as mice and other pests will be attracted to your RV.

4. Using Mothballs to repel pests in your RV

Using Mothballs in your RV will help in repelling pests.

WARNING:  Mothballs are poisonous !!! If you travel with any young children or pets. They could accidentally ingest the Mothballs.

Mothballs also have a very pungent smell that is meant to ward off pests and some people could find this kind of smell irritating.

5. Drain any stagnant water

Getting rid of any stagnating water will play a big role in keeping pests away since they are easily attracted to standing water. You can start by ensuring that your bathroom and sinks do not have standing water to avoid creating a place where these insects can breed. 

6. Try using orange and lemon peels

Yes Orange and Lemon peels can work wonders when it comes to warding off pests? Instead of throwing those peels away, rub them against the surfaces in your RV. Pests such as spiders get repulsed by the smell of citrus fruits. 

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7. Take care of your pets

If you go RVing with pets such as cats and dogs, you need to ensure that you keep them clean and their areas clean. If your cat uses a litter box empty it frequently.  Also vacuum or mop the area around the cat box often.

If any of your pets have accidents in the RV, clean them up immediately and thoroughly.

8. Keep all the surfaces in your RV spotless clean

This is the ultimate way of preventing pests from invading your RV. Wipe off any food particles on counters and table tops as they easily attract bugs. Vacuum your RV's carpets frequently and sweep and mop the floors regularly.

Having a clean and pest-free RV will save you the cost of repairing any damages that may be caused by destructive pests such as rats.  You will also avoid food contamination from flies especially if you have children. In the long run, you will enjoy spending quality time in your RV without having to share it with any unwanted pest guests.

Mia is a freelance writer with a focus on home improvement and interior design. Currently working alongside Ajet Services, Mia is currently writing about how to keep your home safe from pests and floods. 

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