Keeping Your RV in Great Condition

As an RV owner, you are responsible for keeping your RV in great condition

Owning an RV offers you a certain amount of freedom in your life. Whether you’re someone who wants to hit the open road after retirement and explore the country with your partner, or if you want to have some great adventures, having an RV means your plans can quickly come to fruition. Naturally, there is also a lot of responsibility that comes with owning an RV. Failing to care for your recreational vehicle properly is an easy way to shorten its life expectancy and experience setbacks while on the road. 

Keeping Your RV in Great Condition

To avoid catastrophe while RVing, take a moment to look over these suggestions on keeping it in the best possible condition. With a bit of forethought, you can create a strategy that keeps you and your vehicle safe at all times. 

A Basic Maintenance Overview

Before you get into the more complicated tasks, it can be beneficial to consider the general maintenance you must complete. First, always be positive that your engine has more than enough oil. While this is part of responsibly owning any vehicle, an RV’s components are more complex. They should stay constantly lubricated to avoid severe engine damage. 

Additionally, you should monitor the RV’s engine temperature. If the engine gets hot, it needs to cool down. Before you can continue traveling, especially when traveling up steep mountain roads. Getting your RV’s oil changed at the manufacturer's recommended mileage and topping off the coolant as needed will help your RV’s engine run cooler and more efficiently.

RV Essentials

Sensible maintenance of an RV is about a whole lot more than how you care for the vehicle. When you’re off on an adventure, you’re likely taking advantage of the fact that your ride can take you far away from the beaten path. This also means that you could be left on your own for long periods. 

In the event of an emergency, you want to make sure you have all of the essentials nearby so that you can avoid catastrophe. For example, a First-Aid kit is absolutely required for your vehicle. Because you never know when the battery on your RV may go dead. An RV battery is responsible for powering both the vehicle and all of the appliances and devices within. Having access to an uninterruptible power supply is vital to your success on the road because it guarantees that you won’t be sapping your RV battery just so that you can charge your phone for a bit. 

It should also go without saying that ample fresh water and provisions should be brought for the duration of the trip.

A Clean Ride

Properly maintaining an RV is also about keeping the vehicle clean. Most RVs are used at infrequent intervals, which means your RV could be sitting in the driveway or a storage facility for weeks or months at a time without use. So, giving it a good cleaning may be needed. Cleaning both the interior and exterior of your vehicle can ensure that the RV looks and performs at its best.

When it comes to maintaining your RV, you need to develop a strategy for maintenance that covers all possible problems. Many items need to be on your to-do list for responsible RV ownership from deep cleaning to backup power supplies.

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