Leaking Slide on KZ Fifth Wheel Trailer, Is This a Design Flaw?

by Martha
(Rockford, Il USA)

We just bought a 2003 KZ Sportsmen Fifth Wheel, 28 ft...with one slide, in the living/dining area, I think it is a 12' slide. we just found that it had a bad leak problem in both corners of the slide. the north corner was damaged but there was a 2' area on the south corner(front) of the slide. water was standing on the barrier and of course, the floor under the bench was so weak I almost went through it when I felt the carpet.

We took it to our local RV center and $3594.01 later it is still leaking in the corner. I am so upset that I have already called the RV center and told them they needed to call me ASAP!

We paid over one hundred dollars to have a "LEAK" test done. now not only are we screwed because we have $12k in a trailer that is only worth about $7k and I estimate that high...we also have the repair that we had to do....at least it has a 90-day warranty. thank God for some things.

I just need to know if they had a design flaw in this thing that causes the leaking. anyone heard of this happening?

ANSWER: Hi Martha thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

I am not aware of any reported design flaws on the 2003 KZ Sportsmen 5th wheels. In fact most of the feedback that I have seen on KZRV (KZ) RVs has been mostly positive.

I will open this up to our visitors and see if any of them have had this problem with their KZ RVs.

I wish you the best of luck in getting this problem resolved so that you can finally go out there and do some RVing.

Over 1,500,000 successful roadside rescues. Good Sam Roadside Assistance.

Happy RVing

RVing Al

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Leaking water KV RV
by: Harold

Yes they leak! I have a 2013 KZ Spree Escape, that I had to send back to have the floor completely re-built, went to use the camper again plugged in city water and water literally started running out of the walls, had to pay to have that repaired. As of June the 7th 2017, I went to do an inspection of my slide out and as you might have guessed the slide out floor is rotted out in the area where it was supposed to be repaired. I am in contact with the company and have had enough with this RV. My wife won't even get in this thing and who can blame her.

KZ has no business making Travel Trailers
by: Don't Buy KZ

Sorry to hear of all the leaking that you are experiencing with your KZ RV. This really does not surprise me. Take a look across the internet and more and more you see major issues with KZ.

Anyone experience aluminum corrosion in theirs yet? That happens, and it can be deadly if not noticed and the trailer structure fails.

slide leaking
by: Anonymous

I am amazed at this new issue we have on our brand new KZ Spree LX 2013, this one just came off the production line, we took delivery and have not been able to use it yet because of our slide leaking & leaking. It is up at the repair shop now and our guy is trying everything he knows (he has over 30 years experience). He has re -sealed everything he can see and has even put a small camera into the walls to be sure that there is no water on our walls/insulation. He is very good. He has pressure watered the slide over and over again and he cannot get it to leak. We took it home during a rain storm and put it on the concrete pad and guess what???? it leaked in only (1) hour after pick up. We do see a sag in the center of the slide roof and this could be an issue with the leak. It leaks the most when the slide is closed, but it did leak with the slide open also. We are thinking about getting a slide cover awning, which might help. KZ is working with us, so we will see. I am heart sick because I really love this rig and would enjoy a chance to use it.

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