LOOKOUT Bear Over There

by Mark G.
(Plainfield, Il)

LOOKOUT !!! Bear Over There !!!

LOOKOUT !!! Bear Over There !!!

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It was a dark and stormy night...

Well, maybe not; I'll start over. It was a beautiful July day as we pulled into the campground in the Black Hills. We were assigned Site number 100, which was a little tight but nice as it's off the main field back in the trees and against a fence bordering a national forest.

Across the fence is a steep, boulder-strewn hill about 60' tall, behind which the sun would set in the next 45 minutes. It took me a few minutes to set up, and I started the grill as the DW made me a libation. Ahhhhhhhh...

We were just finishing dinner, the wife and I at the picnic table behind the rig and almost against the fence as the sunset behind the hill. The kids were all in the MH watching a movie when I noticed something LARGE and BLACK moving rapidly towards us from the crest of the hill. It was hard to tell what it was as the light was rapidly fading, but it was coming right toward us. The wife had her back to the hill, but I was facing it directly and had a fair view as this "thing," which was beginning to resemble a BEAR, gingerly moving around a few of the larger boulders as it continued rapidly towards us.

At this point, I was overcome with a sudden rush I can only think was adrenalin and a heartsick feeling that this wasn't

going to end well. I scampered to my feet and around the table to position myself between my wife and the bear and began barking an order, "Get in the MH, lock the door, PULL OUT and send help!"... ... It was at the fence as I passed the wife, she wheeled about as she saw the look on my face, milliseconds turned into what seemed minutes as the world spun into slow motion about me. Even in the rapidly failing light, I could clearly see this thing was a monster, my legs continuing their journey around the table.

You know, it's funny how such a perfect moment can turn into a disaster in the blink of an eye; I guess these things always happen that way.

I had my pocket knife in hand, knowing all too well how useless a weapon it would be, but it was all I had, and it was time. It was time NOW! The clock shot back to real-time; the great beast's head began its assault across the fence as I arrived at my personal Alamo. The wife now fully turned to witness the encounter and a MIGHTY ROAR came together at that final tick of the clock. Mooooooooooooooooo!

"Oh, My Lord!" I choked as the strength drained from me. I staggered to sit down as the wife quipped, "Oh, Look a Black Angus." The big black cow bellowed its discomfort a few more times, its mindless meanderings so rudely interrupted by the barbed wire fence............

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