Most RVers Have the Keys to Your RV's Storage Compartments

by Traci

Most RVers Have the Keys to Your RV's Storage Compartments

Most RVers Have the Keys to Your RV's Storage Compartments

How can I get replacement storage compartment keys for my 2008 Montana 5th Wheel? We lost ours and we were planning to take the RV out of town at the end of the week??

ANSWER: Hi Traci, I am going to guess that my answer to your question is going to freak you out a little bit. As long as you do not have special storage compartment doors or locks on your 5th wheel (most don't) all you need is a CH751 key. That's right the majority of RVs in the US use the same universal key for their storage/baggage compartment doors. Just look at the lock on your storage compartment door where you insert the key and in all likelihood, you will see CH751 stamped on it.

These CH751 keys are readily available online and at most RV parts stores such as CAMPINGWORLDicon. This fact is one of the reasons that a lot of RVers and some RV manufacturers have chosen to start using more secure lock and key system on their exterior baggage compartment doors.

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Just imagine if home manufacturers chose to use the same generic front door lock and key combination on all the new homes being built in the US. I know that there would be a major uproar in the US. Unfortunately this is not a well known fact to most RV owners.

One solution for increasing the security of any RV lock is to remove the locks from the RV and
have them rekeyed by a Locksmith. I am not sure how much that would cost.

Another solution for RV Storage Compartments that have a cam lock locking system is to install Combination Locks or tubular cam keyed locks (see pictures at the top of this page) on them. But even rekeying the locks or installing combination or barrel locks will not stop a persistent thief who is willing to pry open or kick in the storage compartment doors on your RV to get to your valuables. The whole idea of changing the storage compartment locks is to make it harder for the thief to use the common CH751 key to open all the storage compartments on your RV.

Take a look at the video below to see how easy it is to replace your existing storage compartment locks with tubular cam locks.

So the not so good news for you is that if you have not changed the locks or storage/baggage doors on your RV, then the key you need is readily available to you and anyone else that wants it.

You may want to read the article RV Storage Compartments and 3 Easy Ways for Thieves to Prosper to find out more information on this key and lock problem.

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I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

Happy RVing

RVing Al

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New replacement locks
by: Steve

Tubular Cam locks

I am a Locksmith by trade. I knew from the beginning that the RV locks were all one key. First few days of owning my RV, I replaced them with the tubular (round key locks as pictured above).

First, I do suggest going to your local locksmith to get replacements, as a lot of the locks sold at places like camping stores or your local hardware, sell import versions that sometimes (most of the time) are difficult to make duplicate keys.

Also, I don't recommend any type of combo lock, they can fail quickly due to road grime. Unless they are protected from the elements.

I, also would suggest putting a flip cover over the tubular lock. This will minimize road grim contamination.

And one more thing, lube the locks twice a year with a Teflon spray, like Tri-Flow.

Key's, Key's, Keys
by: John B

My wife works at a lock and key place. She says they can and do replace these type of keys all the time. You can either bring in the lock to the shop or they can go to the site and make a key to fit. Can be spendy,though. Check several places before making your choice.

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