My 5th Wheel Slide Out Will Not Retract, What Can I Do?

by Frank
(Benicia, California)

First it will go out but stopped it because the button on the inside indicated that was stuck and would not let me stop it and I kept pushing the button in the opposite direction to stop the slide .I went thru all the things posted to rectify the problem to no avail .

This done the same thing once before .And found a reset button inside the front compartment next to the battery and that cured the problem but now it doesn't. Aljo 24.7 one slideout 1999.

The pump has plenty of fluid, no obstructions, there is no way to screw back in with drill, the batteries are fully charged and is on house current.

Could it be a stuck relay on pump? It suppose to have been able to retract manually on the pump with a hand jack lever on it but doing what the manual says to do it will not retract.

ANSWER: Greetings Frank thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

Well, it sounds like you have done everything you could to get the slideout back in and based on your statement you have also tried the solutions recommended by the manufacturer of your slide.

I am afraid that it is time to wave the white flag and call in some reinforcements. You will need to get a Certified RV Technician to come out and look at the slideout to determine what is causing your problem.

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My best guess is that the slide is either binding on something that you cannot see or that it has become misaligned.

Please do us a favor and let us know what the problem actually turns out to be.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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Slide out
by: Rich

I have a 2001 Lakota bedroom slide out won’t go in or out can you help me

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