My Motorhome is Bogging Down on Acceleration

by Cappy
(Howell N.J.)

1984 E350 Ford with 460 and Carburated Tioga Camper bogging down when you step on gas. It did have a dirty gas filter but it has been replaced the one on the rail should I replace the one in the carb? It was running fine last year.

ANSWER: Hi Cappy, I am afraid that I do not have an exact answer for you, but based on your description I am going to assume that the bogging down is being caused by a lack of fuel so I can give you some ideas on where to start looking.

Fuel System:

Since you state that you have replaced a blocked in-line fuel filter I would urge you to check the fuel filter on the Carburetor itself and also check for any additional in-line fuel filters.

A weak or failing fuel pump can cause a lack of fuel to the carb. A kinked or leaking fuel line can also restrict the flow of fuel to the carb.

Another area to consider since you have found dirt in the fuel filter is that there may be rust or other debris floating around in your fuel tank that are partially obstructing the fuel pickup in the tank.


A bad accelerator pump, a bad power valve or stuck float in the Carburetor can cause the bogging down you are experiencing. In some case the carburetor may have to be rebuilt or replaced to correct the problem.

I hope this helps.

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Dirty with what?
by: Tom

As previously eluded to if it was orange it is most likely rust, if it is black it is most likely dirt.

As a general rule if you change one fuel filter, change them all.

If its debris I would have the carb cleaned, if it isn't rust or sand like particles and you want to try to cheap out you can try mixing some cleaner in with your gas like seafoam and see if that helps any.

Don't forget to check sensors
by: Anonymous

There are a variety of sensors in many vehicles including an air intake sensor. We had one get gummed up by smoke from a forest fire in Florida recently. So if your vehicle has a sensor system, be sure to check that.

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