My Motorhome Tilts To One Side When I Open The Slideout

by Shellie
(Santa Clarita, CA)

I just bought a 2000 Tioga 31W with a big slide out. The slide out itself does not sag, but the entire RV tilts to one side and is no longer level when the slide it out. I have two scissor stabilizers jacks in the back only. Do I need my shocks replaced, or what do I need to do?

ANSWER: Greetings Shellie thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

I am confused by your problem. Your Motorhome should have come standard with Hydraulic HWH Leveling Jacks not scissor jacks. Somewhere in your Motorhome usually on the dash should be a control panel that allows you to raise and lower these jacks to level your Motorhome prior to opening your slideout.

Sorry that I cannot tell you the exact location of the control panel, but these leveling jacks should be deployed and the Motorhome leveled prior to opening your slideout. If the jacks are deployed and working properly your Motorhome should remain level when the slideout is in the out position.

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If you are using the hydraulic jacks and the RV starts to tilt as the slide goes out, then you need to have the Hydraulic Jack System checked out as there may be a problem with the hydraulic system holding pressure due to low hydraulic fluid or a leak.

I hope this helps.

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RVing Al

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Leveling Jacks
by: Jabo

If your MH does not have leveling jacks you should have them installed. Slide outs should not be extended without leveling jacks down and the MH leveled. I cannot imagine any MH manufacture building a MH with slide out and not installing jacks as a standard item.

No Hydraulic Jacks
by: Shellie

My motorhome did not come with electric/hydraulic stabilizer jacks. Only two scissors in the back. It's a 2000, not brand new. I am pretty mechanical for a female as I've done brake jobs, R & R'd trannies and clutches over the years. I would know if I had a control panel or hydraulic jacks.

Any other suggestions?

Comments From RVing Al: Since you do not have the hydraulic levelers and it appears that the scissor jacks are not providing enough stabilization, you might want to replace your existing shock absorbers with some Air Shocks and using them in conjunction with the scissor jacks to firm up and level the base of your Motorhome to support the slide out when it is open.

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