My Older Class C Motorhome Only Goes 35 MPH When Climbing Hills, Is This Normal?

by Anonymous

I have a 1994 Fleetwood Tioga with 107000. When climbing hills it has no power speed drops to 35 mph this is my first MH. I had it for 2 yrs is this normal because of its age and mileage?

Thank you very much.

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I am afraid there is no correct answer to this question. Many factors affect how fast your older Class C Motorhome will climb hills, such as are you towing a vehicle or trailer behind the Motorhome, is the Motorhome overloaded, how steep of a hill are we talking about, what altitude are you at when you are climbing the hills, etc.

The first thing I would do if I owned this Motorhome is take it in and have the engine compression checked. With 107,000 on a gasoline engine there is a good chance that you will have compression problems. A lot also depends on how well the engine on this Motorhome has been maintained over the years.

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If you have the engine checked out and the compression and all else is fine, then I would suggest that you have it tuned up and see if that helps. I need to forewarn you that in all likelihood there may be some issues with this engine that may require an engine rebuild.

Sorry I could not give you a more specific answer to your question.

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