My RV is Now a Temporary Home, but a Lifestyle Goal

by AKP
(Walla Walla, WA)

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I say a Lifestyle Goal because we aren't quite there yet. But I'm sure we will be. I am a 40-year-old, who got sick and am now in need of a Heart Transplant. To accomplish this, I needed to move nearer to the hospital in Spokane WA but didn't want to move my wife and kids away from our established home, her job, and their school. Nor did we want to move away from our grandkids and adult kids.

So it made sense for just me to go, but that would mean maintaining 2 homes for who knows how long. I found the answer in an RV. I had always wanted one, as I love traveling and camping, but never had one.

So this situation provided me with 2 solutions. I bought an older RV, a 27-foot class C, that is set up just perfect for what we wanted, in good condition, and was priced right so to not have payments for it.

After a few minor repairs and clean up from its several years of storage, I fired it up and drove it to my current Temporary Home. I've been living in it for nearly 3 months while waiting for a surgery call. My wife and teenage kids come up on weekends.

The RV space rent is much more reasonable than an apartment, and I have a little "yard" and great, friendly RV neighbors! When the surgery is over, I can go home with no lease to break, or furniture to move, and we still will have our RV.

We visit family out of state several times a year (normally), and look forward to traveling even farther once I am healed, back to work full time, and then eventually when we retire. I think once our kids are all out of the house, we will "live" as much as possible in our RV. But for now, it's providing me with a very comfortable, and reasonable place to live and eventually recover. And with future travel Goals. I Love It, and I wouldn't give up my RV.

God bless the RV'er.

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