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My RV is Shaking Going Down the Road

by Teresa

My 34-foot class A RV was shaking so bad it shook out all the stuff in the cabinets. I towed it to an alignment place they could find anything wrong. They took it for a test drive up to 60 and nothing. Any ideas.

ANSWER: Hi Teresa thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

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First and foremost I am at a disadvantage because I am unable to inspect your RV to see if I can locate the problem.

Listed below are some areas to look at that could be causing the problem you are experiencing:

*Loose Wheels

*Missing Wheel Weights

*Damaged or Loose Drive Shaft

*Out of round tire/s

*Bad or broken shocks or springs

*Bad motor mounts

*Torque on transmission locking up causing Torgue Converter Chatter.

*If you notice the shaking or vibration only on braking; it could be warped brake discs or brake drums.

The fact that you have had your motorhome looked at and test driven and there was no vibration could eliminate everything that I have listed above.

There is one last possibility. If your motorhome is equipped with dual rear wheels there is a possibility that some road debris lodged between the dual tires causing the vibration and rattling you experienced and finally dislodged itself stopping the vibration.

These are my best "guesses" based on the limited information you have provided.

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RV shaking going down the road
by: Anonymous

#1 rear air bags under inflated (try 60-70psi).
#2 rear tires under inflated, especially tires on tag axle if equipped.
#3 bad or missing sway bushings.
#4 front tires under inflated.

I had this happen too, and it's downright frightening to feel you can have so little control at such a time. If possible, get slowed to 20-30 mph as quick as you can when it next happens. The damage to items flying around inside pales beside what's happening to the chassis and wiring.

Flat Spots
by: Anonymous

flat spots or out round tires

Shaking motor home
by: Anonymous

Was your air bags inflated? Can't see my switches easily, few times the bags have deflated and what a bad ride until the get pumped up.

by: Anonymous


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