My RV's Air Conditioner Only Blows Warm Air

by MC
(Manahawkin NJ)

My A/C unit which is a Carrier Air V RC was working for air but would only get to about 80 degrees it wouldn't get any colder now it’s not even turning on. Only the fan will come on. we have tried everything but not sure what is going on with it.


ANSWER: Greetings MC thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

My gut feeling based on your description of the problem you are having is that your Air Conditioner has lost Freon and needs to get checked for leaks and recharged. But there are a number of other problems that could cause the symptoms you are experiencing.

1. As I said above it may need to be recharged with Freon and checked for a leak (the old Freon had to go somewhere). The lack of Freon could cause damage to your compressor if you keep trying to run the unit in AC mode. It is OK to run the unit in Fan only mode, because the compressor is not running in that mode.

2. The compressor of the air conditioning unit could be bad.

3. It could be a bad control board (box) in the A/C unit.

4. It could even be caused by a bad thermostat.

As you can see there are number of problems that could be causing your RV Air Conditioner to blow warm air. Unless you are properly trained and equipped to diagnose and repair the A/C unit, it will end up being a trial and error situation. If you attempt to repair the A/C yourself and do the repair incorrectly you can cause further damage to the air conditioner unit itself or even cause damage to your RV's electrical system.

Unfortunately these types of problems cannot be properly diagnosed over the internet. The Air Conditioning System on your RV needs to inspected and this is a job that is best left to an RV Technician that is trained and qualified to do A/C repairs. The best thing I can suggest is to take it in and have it looked at and get it repaired.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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