My RV's Fresh Water Tank Will Not Fill Up

by Gil
(Santa Clarita, CA)

I can see where I put the hose to fill my water tank for my 2001 Minnie Winnie but when I tried it, it only held about five gallons of water. It should hold 25-35 gallons.

What's keeping it from filling?

ANSWER: Hi Gil thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page

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First let's make sure that you are using the right connection, There are two places that you can hook up a hose on your year Minnie Winnie. The one you want to use to fill up your fresh water tank is a little locking compartment on the exterior of your motorhome (See the illustration on the left at the top of this page). You simply put a hose (preferably an RV Fresh Water Drinking Water Hose) in the opening to fill up the tank.

The other connection is for hooking up city water to your RV when at a Campground (see the illustration on the right at the top of this page). This connection will not fill up your fresh water tank. Again you should use a RV Fresh Water Drinking Water Hose when using this connection.

You do not tell me what happens when your filling up your tank, is it overflowing, is water coming out of the tank fill opening, etc. Hopefully you are not using the fresh water tank gauge located on your motorhomes monitor panel to determine if your fresh water tank is full as most tank gauges are pretty notorious for being inaccurate.

The fresh water tank fill on your RV is gravity fed and has a built in vent system to prevent the tank from getting air locked and not accepting water. The vent is located to the left of the fresh water fill opening. You may want to check this vent line to make sure that it does not have a blockage. A blockage in this vent line could cause the tank to start overflowing out of the tank fill opening.

I hope this helps.

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how to check the vent pipe when filling
by: Anonymous

my new Thor c class takes on about a gallon of water then shoots it back at me through the filling hole.

So this has helped me identify a possible fix. How does one check the vent tube


overfill vent/?
by: Anonymous

I filled my fresh water tank, then I heard running water. It wasn't inside thankfully, but outside under the coach, I could see water pouring down. I crawled under and discovered a free hanging tube that I think should be connected to somehing. All the water from my fresh water tank was pouring out of it. This hose was apx dead centre of the bottom of the fresh water tank. I think it must have disconnected from something, possible another piece of hose? If so, thinnking of gravity, I think it must somehow attach, to a hose going above the tank and then down. Am I right? Should I be looking for another piece of tubing over this tank and figure out how to connect it?

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