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My RV's Power Converter is Humming Very Loudly

by Shirley

Why is my RV’s Power Converter Humming

Why is my RV’s Power Converter Humming

2004 Montana 5th wheel. I am full time. My converter box is making a loud humming noise. Very loud. Just started 5 days ago. Is there a fire danger here?

ANSWER: Hi Shirley to answer your most important question, yes, under certain circumstances a malfunctioning RV Power Converter can cause a fire in an RV.

The Converter is an important part of your RV's electrical system. All of the lights in your RV run on 12 Volt DC power and so do other important items such as the RV's Furnace, exhaust fans, etc. When you are boondocking or going down the road your RV's house batteries provide the 12 volt DC power for these items.

When you plug in your RV to 120 volts the converter takes over the job of supplying 12 volts to all of these items. The converter in most cases also provides a charge to your RV's house batteries.

Some buzzing or noise from a Power Converter is normal and in some cases you may even hear the converter's cooling fan kicking on and off. The fact that the sound that your RV's converter is making has increased significantly is a sign that there could be internal problems with the converter.

In most cases when a converter starts going out it will either fail all at once and in some cases make a loud popping noise or produce a puff of smoke. In other cases it will not produce proper voltages etc. In either case you need to have a certified RV Technician take a look at it to see if it needs to be replaced.

Just a warning here: Power Converters are not user repairable so do not attempt to open it up and see if you can fix it as you could really create a situation which could cause a fire in your RV.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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Hum along with lights
by: dave

Humming gets louder with each light that gets turned on. Also hums all the time with fridge on. Is this normal

Noise stops from converter by a light turned on
by: Anonymous

Is my converter going bad? It suddenly makes a very loud noise but if I turn a light on it immediately stops the noise...

Converter going off/on every couple minutes
by: Beth

The fan on the converter is cycling off/on every minute or so. No noise, just off and on. A/C and electric appliances on. Just noticed it because the mattress is out and I can see/hear it now.

Power Converter Newbie
by: Anonymous Thomas

I reconnected the battery,, ah hum LOL,, HUMMING noise lessened,,ahHumm lol,,I am currently connected to 4000 Generator to my Jayco fold up tent trailer, lights now stay on aghhumm, here's ur sign, anonymous thomas

by: Anonymous

Where do i get a replacement?

Note from RVing Al: Listed below are some places that you can get Power Converters:

Power Converters available from Amazon

Power Converters available from Camping World

Power Converters available from eBay

Why does my Converter stop buzzing?
by: Katybaum

The converter in our 1996 Motorhome started buzzing, it is very faint, but can be hear when all is quite. The buzzing stops when we turn on a light. Anybody seen this and know why this happens? We don't want to leave a light on all the time to get rid of the noise..

Thanks for your reply to question
by: Shirley

Thank you for ansewering my question about the converter. i know the function of it but could a dead or missing battery cause the buzzing or humming sound? will get that replaced as soon as i can. thankyou again, shirley bean

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