My RV's Refrigerator is Beeping and Flashing an Error Code and Not Getting Cold

by Billy Whitfield
(Valley View, Tx. USA)

I need a owner's manual for a 1994 Fleetwood Prowler that will tell me the codes on my refrigerator. It is blinking some symbols and beeping. It also went off and is not cooling. The manual should tell me how to troubleshoot the problem.

ANSWER: Hi Billy, I am afraid that even if you had the Owner's Manual for your RV it would not help you with your Refrigerator problems. RV Owner's manual do not go into any detail on RV accessories such as TVs, Microwaves, Refrigerators Etc. You actually need the Owner's Manual from the Appliance Manufacturer.

The 2 most common Refrigerators manufacturers for RVs are Dometic and Norcold (Thetford) and both of them have pages on their websites where you can download most of the owner's manuals for their Fridges. The links are below:

Dometic Owner's Manual Download

Norcold (Theford) Owner's Manual Download

The owner's manual should be able to give you information on the error codes for your Refrigerator. In some cases the actual errors can be corrected by you by simply resetting the fridge or making sure that the Refrigerator doors are closing properly. Other codes may require taking your RV in and having a Certified RV Technician repair the the fridge.

If you are still interested in getting an actual Owner's Manual for your Trailer it appears that the Fleetwood website will be of no help to you as they now only have owner's manuals for motorhomes since they stopped making Travel Trailers and 5th Wheel Trailers several years ago.

To aid you in your Owner's Manual search you may want to read the answer I gave to I Need an Owner's Manual for a Fleetwood Travel Trailer?.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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