My RV's Shower And External Water Works But Bathroom And Kitchen Sink Doesn't

by Dave

I own a 1991 Coachman Leprechaun, C class and recently have taken it out of winter storage. When I was flushing out the water lines, the kitchen and bathroom faucets were sputtering and then nothing would come out of them. The shower and external water tap initially sputtered but now each has excellent flow.

The water pump seems to be working fine but I just can't seem to get water to come out of the two faucets that I described. Could there be an airlock of some sort? If so, how should I proceed?

ANSWER Greetings Dave thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

I feel your frustration with your current water situation. You may have a loose connection or leaking water line leading to those particular water faucets. Please take a look at the answer I gave to this question: My RVs Water Pump Runs But No Water Comes Out Of The Faucet, What's The Problem? You will find a troubleshooting section; you need to start at step 3. By following this guide you should get to the bottom of your water problem.

Happy RVing

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water won't flow to all locations
by: Shawn

OMG, this blog saved me, 1st time RV owner, I dumbly blew the lines out with air before filling with antifreeze, BUT then antifreeze would only flow out of one of five locations, the indoor shower, whether I fed antifreeze to pump or switched back to outside fresh hose water connection, 4 locations acted deadlock blocked, not a drop would flow.

Checked aerator at 1st location, holy shit took off and water flowed, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, same!! I had blown previously years hunks of pink gel so hard into every aerator screen it took me 5 to 10 minutes per location to clean them out. mystery solved, THANK YOU!

Rochester, NY

water not flowing in all faucets?
by: Anonymous

Check your aerator in faucet...that's what caused my kitchen faucet to not work. While bathroom worked fine?? Simple fix!

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