My RV's Water Pump Keeps Cycling On and Off

by Tony
(Frackville, Pa)

I have a 2003 Gulfstream Conquest and seem to be having water pump problems. According to the shureflo pump, it is a on demand pump that will shut itself down when water is not turned on. I checked all my connections, checked for water leaks and everything seems to be fine. The problem is the pump keeps running after the fixtures are turned off. It seems like I am also getting air in my lines.

I flowed water through all of the lines through the city water connection to remove all the air out of the lines. Filled up the fresh water tank to pump water throughout the camper but it still seems to be failing. I get water flow no problem but I am also getting air with it and the pump fails to shut off. I have no leaks and all connections and valves are closed and tight. What can be the problem????

ANSWER: Greetings Tony thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

Even though you have checked all of the water lines you still may have one that is leaking due to a crack or loose connection. I would take a closer look at the lines leading into the suction side of the pump as a loose fitting or cracked line can cause the pump to suck air.

It might not hurt to unhook the connections to the RV Water Pump and make sure that you use
Teflon tape to ensure that the connections are sealing properly.

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If your RV was not winterized properly the pump may have frozen causing a problem with a seal or valve in the water pump that is allowing the vacuum that is formed by the pump to back flow thus causing the pump to cycle on and off and suck air. If this is the problem the pump would need to be replaced.

There could also be a bad washer or seal in one of your RVs plumbing fixtures that are allowing air to get into lines and also causing the pump to lose pressure and cycle on and off.

I hope this information helps.

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I installed a new Faucet in my RV that is supposed to use 20% less water and now when I use the faucet the water pump cycles on and off constantly due to the lower water flow rate. I am thinking the best way to fix this would be to lower the on demand pressure for the pump. Is this possible or is there a better solution to this problem?

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My shurflo pump would turn off and on every couple minutes . I took apart the pressure switch and applied white lithium grease in the valve assembly. I first tried putting the switch together without the applying grease nothing seem to fit . After applying the grease it went together effortlessly , also it solved the pump turning on an off

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