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My Trailer Leveling Solution

by Joe
(Chandler, AZ)

My Trailer Leveling Solution

My Trailer Leveling Solution

Editors Note This tip was submitted on our Share Your RVing Tips and Tricks Page by Joe; the inventor of the RV LEVEL that allows you to use your smartphone to quickly and accurately level your RV.

I've had my Coleman pop-up for about five years now and the part I have always hated is leveling, especially at night. Worst part was getting the side-to-side level, driving forward and back, digging holes or adding blocks, getting in and out of truck. So I made my Wireless RV Level, which I just put on amazon to see if others would like it as much as I do (see madebyjoe.net).


You install the the RV LEVEL in your camper, give it power, and launch the app. No more in and out, I just drive until it's closest as possible to level, then I use the BAL 28050 Light Trailer Tire Leveler (also found on amazon) to raise one side or another with just a few cranks. Also works as a wheel chock preventing movement of the wheel.

BAL Light Trailer Tire Leveler

Editors Note: Take a look at the video below to see how the RV LEVEL works.

The video below demonstrates how sensitive the RV LEVEL is:

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Between these two devices, I probably save hundreds of seconds :) I now look forward to leveling my trailer and check the level regularly, because it's so much fun now.

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