Need Advice On Full-Time RVing In a Truck Camper

by Bernie

Full-Time RVing in a Truck Camper

Full-Time RVing in a Truck Camper

I will be retiring in the near future, and I want to see the 49 states and Canada in a truck camper but don't know what kind of camper and truck would pair off.

I am single, and I have read about Lance camper but now sure about a gas or diesel truck?

ANSWER: Hi Bernie, first off, congratulations on your upcoming retirement and also your choice to go full-time RVing. I guarantee you will not regret that decision. Now for your questions:

Let's talk about Lance Campers. Normally I do not like pushing one brand of RV over others, but when it comes to Campers, Lance is the leading manufacturer of campers, and they are the most popular camper on the road today. They have been building Campers since 1965.

Lance Campers has also won numerous industry awards for customer satisfaction. To give you an idea of what is available on Truck Campers nowadays, take a look at the video below:

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The Video below is a tour of the Lance Camper Factory and shows how Lance Campers are built.

This video is by Rollin On TV.

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Now as far as what
truck you should use for your camper. The answer to that question is going to depend on what model camper you buy. Lance has a Truck + Camper Compatibility Guide that should be very helpful to you.

Diesel or Gas? My personal preference would be a Diesel-powered truck for some fundamental reasons:

1. Diesel engines, if properly maintained, have a longer lifespan than gas engines. It is not unheard of for diesel engines to go well over 200,000 miles before requiring a rebuild or overhaul.

2. Diesel engines are more fuel-efficient than gas engines; you can expect more miles per gallon (don't expect a dramatic difference).

3. Since you will be traveling all over the US and Canada, you will be spending a reasonable amount of time in mountainous areas. Altitude does not significantly affect a diesel engine's power (you will have better acceleration in the mountains).

A diesel engine provides more torque at lower RPMs (in laymen's terms, it will get you up those hills and mountains a little faster than a gas-powered truck).

I hope this helps.

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Happy RVing

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North star best slide in
by: Anonymous

North star out of cedar falls Iowa builds the best and most efficient use of space in a truck slide in that I have seen. We had a pop up, a fifth wheel, a class c and the north star has spent the least amount of time in our drive way. Efficient easy to park, set up and economical in general.

Arctic Fox Truck Campers
by: Anonymous

Arctic Fox Campers is one of the Best constructed campers. My preference is the 1140 dry bath for several reasons. Here's a couple of videos..

Truck campers
by: Anonymous

join NATCOA Lots of expertise there on Truck campers

truck and camper
by: roadster27

our first rv a truck and camper , it was an 8ft homebuilt because I wanted it shorter but with a shower , not available in an 8 ft
it was short enough to park in any spot and over rough ground , a 10 ft would be a decent size and a chev , gmc , or dodge 3/4 ton or 1 ton , have had fords but had way too many problems , i prefer gas engines as they are less expensive to service and maintain and are $10k cheaper .
the newer ls engines are easy to hotrod for better power and milage
a trailer has to be parked and unhooked too much and are wind prone

Truck Camper
by: Anonymous

I have not known anyone who lives full time in a truck camper. The one person I knew who did this ended up selling his truck camper and buying a class C because he found it just too hard to live in such a small space.

We have a truck with a solid high quality steel cover with side cabinets, the kind suitable for tradesmen. It is very secure and even though people have tried, it is essentially impervious to break ins. (We got one with no windows.) We use the back of our pickup as our garage. We tow a smaller travel trailer behind our pick up.

It's very easy to connect and disconnect a travel trailer and park it, much easier than a camper. Travel trailers come in many sizes and types and even the smallest one will give you more room than a truck camper. Also you will not face issues with height and sway and wind that I have heard with truck campers.

One of the major advantages of the truck camper according to people I have discussed this with is you can tow a good sized boat. Whatever you decide good luck with your new life and I'm sure you won't regret it.

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