Need Cheap Floor For Screened Tent We Use While RVing

by Dana Melchiorre
(Delaware County, PA )

Need Cheap Floor For Screened Tent We Use While RVing

Need Cheap Floor For Screened Tent We Use While RVing

We have a nice RV but we are going to be on sand (packed/level) without a table platform - I bought a nice 10 X 10 screen tent and want to put some sort of flooring/mat/pad/rug inside but don't want to spend a ton of money - I have one of those camping rugs but want the entire area covered and don't want the sand to come through so I don't think that will work. what do you suggest?

I have thought about Astroturf and the table should be okay on that.. your thoughts are most appreciated.


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ANSWER: Hi Dana my first suggestion is to invest in a Super Heavy Duty Tarp to use as a floor for your screened tent room. It should work quite well on hard packed sand and should have no problems easily supporting the table you will be using. If any sand or dirt gets on the tarp it can easily be swept off with a broom. the tarp should also fold quite easily and fit in one of your storage bins when you are not using it.

In fact there are some screened tents that actually come with a built in floor and those floors are normally made of a tarp-like material. A good tarp in the size you need can cost less than $30.00 and they are readily available in all different sizes.

Using a good quality Astro Turf Carpet that will last for more than one use as a floor for your screen tent is not going to be an inexpensive
option in fact you could spend over hundred dollars just to get the size you would need. The Astro Turf carpet will not fold as easily as tarp. The astro turf cannot easily be swept off with a broom and it will trap any dirt and sand brought in and will require a lot of work to clean it properly.

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The only thing you may want to do is buy an astro turf door mat to put in front of the entrance of your screened tent as it will easily scrape the dirt off of the shoes of the people entering the tent. By the way you may be surprised to find out that the little astro turf door mat may be pretty close in cost to the super heavy duty tarp you need. The bottom line is "Fake Grass Ain't Cheap"

Just a note here to any other RVers who may be thinking about buying a screened tent for their RVing adventures. You may want to look into an RV Awning Room. These rooms attach easily to your existing RV awning which can be used as a screened in patio or additional sleeping area safe from all of the creepy crawlies.

O.K. you have gotten my two cents worth on this topic, hopefully some of our visitors may have alternative ideas for you.

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screen room with floor
by: Teresa

I'm looking for a pop up screen room with a floor, so our kitties don't escape underneath the sides of the screen. Do any of you know of any such thing? I've been searching for a while.

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