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No Water Comes Out Of The Hot Side Of My RV's Faucets.

by John
(Pleasant Hill, Ca.)

RV water pump will pump cold water, But not the hot, city water will work, But not thru the Hot Faucets.

ANSWER: Hi John thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

If I understand you correctly you are not getting any water cold or hot through the hot side of your RV's water faucets.

Based on your description the first thing I would look at is to see if your RV's Water Heater has been bypassed as part of the winterization process. This could be the cause of the problems you describe.

There are two ways of bypassing a water heater on an RV. The first way is using the RV's built in Water Heater Bypass Valve (if your RV is equipped with one). You need to go to your RV's exterior Service Compartment also known as your RV's Water Compartment.

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In that compartment you will see some valves or levers and they should be marked. Some might say Tank Fill/City Water. You are looking for a valve or lever marked Water Heater Bypass. If you find that valve take it off the water heater bypass position and that should solve your problem.

If you do not find a valve then there is a good chance that your RV may have been retrofitted with an after-market RV Water Heater Bypass Kit which is usually located on the rear of the water heater water inlets and/or outlets. So you will need to take a closer look at the rear of the water heater to see if you can see a valve. The location of the valve varies by the type bypass system they used.

The only other things that could be causing this problem is a clogged or leaking hose leading to or from the water heater or the water heater itself is leaking.

I hope this helps.

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RVing Al

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Winterization Check valve
by: xtphreak

Same issue.
Turn on hot water taps, no flow.
Cold taps, flow.

Unit has winterization kit with 3way solenoid valve at water heater.

Check valve installed between tank outlet and tee fitting was worn out and poppet jammed.

Replaced and all's good.

Beware previous owner / factory installed original with stupid amount of torque!!

bathroom hot water but not at sink
by: Stan

Question?! Lots of cold water pressure from the hot faucet in galley when heater is on by-pass but very little when drawing from the heater. What's happening? STAN

No hot water coming out of the faucet.
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the replies. I replaced the pressure valve, still had no water. I unhooked the hot water line from the tank, kicked on the pump, water sprayed out of the tank. I blew through the hot water line, hooked it back up to the tank, and woo la, I now have water....Crazy, acted as if something may have been blocking the water flow inside of the line..

no hot water pressure
by: greg

Not sure what has happened but all of a sudden, when I turn on the cold water faucet, there is plenty of pressure and the pump kicks off and on properly but when I turn on the hot water, absolutely nothing happens. No hot water comes out and the pump is not kicking on. The hot water tank is full and hot to the touch. Everything has been working fine up to this point.

No hot water
by: Dockie

There is a check valve on the out let you can take the onside of check valve out ! I had this problem I now have lots of hotwater

No water coming from shower or bath hot water
by: Anonymous

The problem could also be a air pocket. I had this earlier in the year and through trail and air fixed it, but it’s happened again and I can’t get the air pocket purged.

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