Now This Is Really RV Dry Camping

by Dano

Now This Is Really RV Dry Camping

Now This Is Really RV Dry Camping

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My good friends Jim and Diane invited us to join them and another couple in Quartzite, AZ, for a weekend of fun with our desert cars sand rails. The other couple were on their maiden voyage over from California with their brand new fifth wheel as they had just retired and decided to take to the road in an RV for a while.

Once we were established in one of the areas "dry camp" spots which provided only electricity it was decided that the new folks were hosting dinner that night. The ladies were preparing things for the grill as the gents got the coals fired up. The hostess was prepping some veggies for the grill and was observed washing them down, the sink was running just like at home with a full bore constant stream. After dinner the hostess declared she would clean up the dishes later on, "lets enjoy the evening and have another glass of wine" which we did. I heard Diane make a comment to Jim that "they are in for a surprise" but thought little of it. Jim and I are old hands at remote camping, we and a group of sand car nuts travel to "sand dunes" and off-road trails all the time.

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The following morning we were getting out, and about when we heard a commotion going on over at the Jim and Diane's new 5th wheel trailer, there was quite a discussion about this broken rig; why no water? etc etc. It appears that just as she got soaped up in the shower that Mrs. CA suddenly had no water!!! It never occurred to her that it was not just like at home; the tap ran water all the time with NO LIMITS!

Needless to say the water tank had to be refreshed with FOUR trips to town with "jerry cans" before the weekend was over....

We more experienced dry campers were tasked with the job of teaching the newbies the nuances of RV life in the desert!!!

Incidentally, the waste truck was also called twice!!!

We [Jim and Diane} have had many a chuckle around the campfire recalling this incident to our RV friends over the years since.

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