Nuwave Induction Cooktop

by Randy
(Houston, TX)

Keep Your RV Cool by Cooking on a Portable Induction Cooktop

Keep Your RV Cool by Cooking on a Portable Induction Cooktop

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When cooking inside the RV during hot and oppressive weather we use the Nuwave induction cooktop. The cooktop heats the pan and not the surrounding air. This lets us stay in the air conditioning and able to enjoy a nice dinner without being uncomfortable and lets the AC keep us cool.

Note from RVing Al: Here is some more information on Induction Cooktops. So what is Induction Cooking anyways? To make it as simple as possible, you are using a magnetic field to cook your food. When you turn on an induction cooktop, a magnetic field is created, and the only thing that the magnetic field heats up is the metal pan you are using and its contents. So since the only item that is getting hot is the metal pan and its contents, no excess heat is generated to heat up the inside of your RV.

One of the great advantages of an induction cooktop, besides being very energy efficient, is that you can precisely adjust the temperature of the pan and its contents.

NuWave Portable Induction Cooktop

There are several manufacturers of Portable Induction Cooktops. One of the most popular Portable Induction Cooktops is the NuWave Portable Induction Cooktop (pictured above) that Randy mentioned.

For more information on the popular NuWave Induction Cooktop take a look at the video below:

The video below shows how you can cook a perfect steak on the NuWave Induction Cooktop using its precise temperature settings.

Hopefully this has given you some helpful information on how an Induction Cooktop can help the interior of your RV keep its cool.

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