One Of The Circuit Breakers In My RV Is Labeled CONV What Is It For?

by Steven Beam

Are the circuit breaker labels standard in the RV industry. One of my breakers on my 2005 Keystone Challenger 5th wheel breakers is labeled CONV. It is a 15 amp breaker. Do you know what the CONV stands for?

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ANSWER: Hi Steven to answer your first question no there is no actual standard for labeling circuit breakers in an RV. That being said; I am pretty sure that the circuit breaker in your RV labeled CONV is the breaker for your RV's Power Converter.

The lights and some other 12 Volt appliances in your 5th Wheel need 12 Volt DC power to work. When your RV is not plugged into electric the RV's house batteries provide the 12 volt DC power. When you are plugged into electric your RV's Power Converter takes over the job of supplying the 12 Volt DC power to your lights, water pump, furnace blower motor, etc.

The majority of RV Power Converters also include battery chargers that charge your RV's House Batteries when the RV is plugged into electric.

Hope this helped.

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