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Our Cousin-In-Laws RV Top Bunk Woes

by Emi
(Southern California)

Editors Note: This story was submitted on our Funny RVing Stories Page.

We just traded up our Coachmen Freelander 21QB for a larger model. Well, the Coachmen had an overhead bunk that would sleep 2 adults. We were camping with our in-laws and in the evening, everyone chose their spots. My cousin-in-law Eddy chose the the overhead bunk. He didn't ask any questions, he laid out his sleeping bag and went promptly to sleep.

In the AM I was curious as to how everyone had slept in our new RV and Eddy was the only one that didn't answer. Another night went by and again, on the 2nd morning I asked how everyone slept. Cousin Eddy didn't say anything.

On our last night in our campsite, Cousin Eddy asked if I wouldn't mind if he slept in the Captain's chair versus the overhead bunk. I said sure but why? He said the dip in the middle prohibited him from turning around and he was too close to the ceiling.

How could that be? He had the entire queen sized area to himself. I'd slept there many times, there was plenty of room. Well dear old Cousin Eddy hadn't pulled the insert forward that completed the bed and was sleeping on top of the insert in a C-shaped area of about 30 inches.

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