Our DTV Converter Box Is Not Picking Up All Available Channels, What Is Wrong?

by Patti
(Meadow Vista ,Ca)

Our DTV Converter Box Is Not Picking Up All Available Channels, What Is Wrong?

Our DTV Converter Box Is Not Picking Up All Available Channels, What Is Wrong?

We bought our converter box (apex). We have a 2006 5th wheel. We have a video distribution center which controls tv, DVD, VCR, and radio.

We hooked in the box and did setup. We got almost all the stations we had gotten with our antenna. Next time we went to watch, we had no picture and it said no signal. We redid setup but only get 2 stations. I have tried changing box to channel 4 but that didn't work. Any suggestions?

Answer Greetings Patti thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

Important Update: Since I answered this question Winegard has released a brand new antenna called the Winegard Rayzar Air antennaicon. This multi-direcional antenna was designed from the ground up by Winegard to maximize signal reception of digital TV channels, and expands the coverage area to provide maximum channel reception with less aiming or pointing. Watch the video below to learn more:

If you currently have a Sensar Antenna on your RV you can buy a Rayzar AIR Retrofit HD TV Antennaicon that you install on your existing system. If you have a different antenna or no antenna at all than you will have to buy the Full Rayzar AIR HD TV Antenna systemicon. The Complete kit includes the amplified antenna with the boom and lift assembly, the 12-volt power supply and interior control parts, 20’ and 6’ lengths of coax cable and the mounting hardware.

The SensarPro TV Signal Strength Metericon mentioned in the video is an optional accessory.

End Of Update

I am going to assume that your 5th wheel is equipped with a crank up TV antenna. I am going to also have to assume that your antenna is the type that has a built in signal amplifier. The first thing you should do is confirm that the power to the antenna is on. Some antennas have a separate power switch that
turns on the power, usually located in close proximity to the Video Distribution Center. Make sure that this switch is in the on position. Other amplified antennas get their power directly from the Video Distribution Center, so make sure that the Video Distribution Center is plugged in. If the power switch was off or the Video Distribution Center was unplugged, that is what was causing the lack of channels.

If everything listed above was OK, you need to take some more steps to determine what is causing the problem. The first thing I am going to suggest is that you read the answer I gave to the question below on how to properly install a Digital TV Converter Box in an RV. It never hurts to double-check that the box has been installed properly.
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How Do I Install A Digital TV Converter Box In My RV?

If after you have followed all of the steps in the installation process and you are still not satisfied with the number of channels you are receiving, there are additional steps you can take to greatly improve the Digital TV Reception of your antenna whether you use a DTV Converter Box or have a TV equipped with a ATSC Digital Tuner. Please read the answer I gave to the question below. Don't let the title of the question fool you, whether you have a Winegard RV Antenna or not there are tips on how to improve digital TV reception in your RV or even your home.

Does A Winegard Crank Up RV Antenna Work With A Digital TV (DTV) Converter Box?

Hopefully all of the above information has been helpful in getting your TV woes corrected.

Happy RVing

RVing Al

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DTV Converter Box problems
by: Dick Reed

Make sure your signal amplifier is turned on. It must also be turned off when hooking up to cable.

Add on antenna
by: GPappy

If you haven't added the newest addition to the antenna it still won't pick up the high end channels I don't think. Mine wouldn't until I added the extra piece. It is made by Wineguard and is cheap and simple to install on your existing RV Antenna. I got mine at Camping World for $23.00 or so. Can't remember what it was called off hand.

Note From RVing Al: The add on you are referring to is called the Winegard Wingman and it attaches easily to your existing Winegard Crank up antenna to help improve Digital TV reception..

To learn more about this attachment read the answer we gave to Does A Winegard Crank Up RV Antenna Work With A Digital TV (DTV) Converter Box?

Happy RVing

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