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Our Fond Memories of RVing in our Honey of a Hornet

by Sandy
(Fond du Lac, WI)

Our Fond Memories of RVing in our Honey of a Hornet

Our Fond Memories of RVing in our Honey of a Hornet

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We never had much money, but we heard of a couple getting a divorce. and wanted to sell their RV. That's sad, but they also heard we wanted to buy an RV but couldn't afford to pay a lot for one. They told us they'd sell their 20-foot Motorhome, with few miles on it for only 15K.

Our prayers were answered. We took a month-long vacation to CA to see our daughter, to Oregon, to see my 3 sisters, and back home to WI. Months later we took the southern route to TX to visit my cousin, to Roswell, NM to see the UFO museum, to see the Biosphere in I believe, Arizona. Went to Disneyland, Universal Studios and to visit more relatives. We went to Branson, MO twice, Northern WI a few times.

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We stayed at RV parks that had swimming pools, exercise areas, some had hot tubs. At that time it was $10 to $20 a night. We lived royally for very little money. Saw a LOT of wonderful sights. Saved money doing our own cooking. Many nights we hooked up with relatives. Paid a little something toward their electric or water. Most of the time they wouldn't take anything, especially if we found some way to repay the favor.

When my husband got Parkinson's Disease and I had open-heart surgery, we sold our well-taken care of, gently used RV for 17K. We made money on that deal. It's sad we can't travel anymore, but we have the pictures and the memories.

I recommend it to anyone. We did more in those 4 1/2 years that we had our Honey of a Hornet than we did all the rest of our retirement years put together. When, or IF, we get to heaven, I hope our Hornet will be waiting there for us to finish our travel dreams.
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Great Story
by: Vicki

Sorry health problems forced you to stop your adventures, but so glad you had those fun experiences together.

Wonderful Story
by: Bill and Lois

This is a wonderful story and so true of our WONDERFUL old neighbors and I don't mean old in a sense of age, they are Fantastic people and they really did enjoy there time in there wonderful RV Sandy was so proud of her RV days and they did do a lot of traveling with it. I do miss them as my neighbors

It is what it's all about
by: Jack & Niki

A beautiful story. Too many people think it costs too much to RV or they put it off until "maybe next year". The time is always now to start making those great memories because we never know what tomorrow will bring.

wonderful story
by: Tom Sandmeyer

What a great story!!! I think some of the best times I have ever had involved camping and family!! I hope that when my wife and I can retire we will get to do the same thing together.

all the best,


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