Our New 2010 Sunseeker Motorhome Had To Be registered As A 2008

by Bob

We purchased our 2010 Sunseeker Motorhome new but when we went to register it the VIN said the van was a 2008 and coach a 2009. Is this a common thing with motorhomes and how does it affect resale value?

Would we still be able to sell it as a 2010 which is what all the dealer paperwork says it is?

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ANSWER: Hi Bob no, this is not a common problem. The first thing I am going to advise you to do is to go directly back to the RV dealership you bought your motorhome from and have them explain to you exactly what the problem is.

If the dealership sold the motorhome as a 2010 model then it should be able to be registered as a 2010 vehicle. Since it has to be registered as a 2008 vehicle you cannot legally sell it as a 2010 vehicle, so yes, as it stands now it will definitely affect its resale value.

Hopefully, the RV Dealership you bought your motorhome from can help resolve the registration problems you are experiencing. If the dealership cannot resolve the problem to your satisfaction, you need to contact Forest River at 574-389-4600 and let them know what happened at the dealership. They need to be aware of the problem at that dealership.

If nothing ends up getting resolved, you may have to retain legal counsel and take legal action.

Sorry that I could not be of more help. Please do us a favor and add a comment to this page when you finally get this resolved and let us know what happened in case another new RV purchaser gets into a situation like this.

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