Our RV Snapped, Crackled And Almost Popped

by Peggy

Our RV Snapped, Crackled And Almost Popped

Our RV Snapped, Crackled And Almost Popped

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We had gotten to the camp ground late and after hooking up the water to fill up the fresh water tank and power, we decided to eat a sandwich and talk. We kept hearing this popping noise. We thought it was our neighbor hitting the side of the motor home trying to scare us or for aggravation.

After a couple of times of this we decided to investigate. We noticed as we got up that there was a huge hump in the floor of our RV. Our friend said I didn't notice that before. You see this was the first time we used our RV at the beginning of the summer and we were filling the reserve water tank and it was going in faster than the overflow could drain it out. The tank filled up and up and up but luckily it did not burst. We ran some of the water out and all was fine. The floor still pops though when we walk on it.

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by: Anonymous

We purchased a Rexhall MH. When we got to our campground we ran all the systems. Couple of days later in preperation for leaving we decided to fill our water tank.

My wife was inside preping in the galley. I was outside storing stuff. I kept hearing a sound like she was chopping celery or some other veg. Suddenly she screams for assistance. I ran for the door to see the problem, the Floor in the MH had a HUGE buldge. I mean huge. Looked like it was 9 months pregnant and about to deliver a baby MH or at least a BIG SUV.

Running back out, shut the water off, removed a panel and found the over flow had a valve which was closed. Even open water never came out of that line.

OK, water shutt off, draining tank because it had a HUGE Buldge in it pressing up on the floor. Got the water tank down, but the Floor was still raised. We tried standing on it, jumping on it, nothing got it down. even got got a couple of guys to help stand on it.

Got it it down somewwhat. Note the floor was made from 3/4 inch plywood. Apparentley the old saying what goes up will eventually come down didn't apply here.

We traveled with the buldge in the floor for hundreds of miles. then we got an idea. went into Wal-mart and bout 300 lbs in weights. Put them all into a BIG plastic tub. Placed the tub on the buldge. Oops, that didn't help much.

While I was setting up at a campground my wife was preping inside. I went in for something and there she was sitting on the tub and trying to rock it back and forth like a rocking horse. Silly girl.... Yea right it WORKED! she fixed it! Couple of years later the floor still had a kind of soft spot.

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